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Joel Monje
Where do you recommend I play online? US player living in CA
Comment from : Joel Monje

Optimus Prime
Online poker is pure garbage!!!
Comment from : Optimus Prime

john g
Do you play on any of the free or real money on line poker sites ? I'm just leary of them, if their save, etc.. Thanks
Comment from : john g

Hallo... Sir... I need some money... For growing my poker life.. Pls sir contact me...
Comment from : POKER WORLD

Steven Szabo
I have played tournaments exclusively in casinos, and even in my home game, but recently switched the home game format to cash and boy is everyone having a better time playing for cash! Now I just need to play majority cash games in the casino as per your advice. Personally I think your ratio is spot on and I am really looking forward to going majority cash.
Comment from : Steven Szabo

Black Knight
This logic works for awhile...
But your edge over the opponents is clearly lower (especially at games not called NLTH).
Also, the ceiling looms. The ceiling is not about the limit in knowledge, but in the simple fact that as the games evolve, the raw intelligence needed to grok the expanded theory will, sooner or later, make it impossible for most of us to keep ahead of the wave of folks who are smart enough to study (be spoon fed) strategies that were, say 15 years ago. at the leading edge of known theory.
This is why I believe we will continue to see more and more PLO, mixed games etc. Sure, a game like badugi is probably NOT on a par with NLTH, but it IS! new and not well understood.
While a few misguided poker players just want to be the very best, the rest of us rubes simply want to find games where people spew. The new games have that potential. Sadly, it can sometimes be hard to get recreational players to play new games. So while a game like 8-16 mixed "should" be a printing press, it might just wind up being a bad game, at least in Vegas.

Comment from : Black Knight

Do you think IGNITION/BOVADA are legit sites and a good way to practice??
Comment from : CRAZY COOTER

Dmytro Picky
dear Torelli, yes you are a good player but .looks like u think that everyone runs as good as u so you are wrong on that)
Comment from : Dmytro Picky

Ryaaan Lee
Spring is finally here! Mowing lawns playing cards building my bankroll!
Comment from : Ryaaan Lee

Why dont you use a mike alec
Comment from : xxyanlixx

Richie Rich
9:58 now's the time to buy bitcoin :-)
Comment from : Richie Rich

Lowrider Smith
Say hello to variance..
Comment from : Lowrider Smith

David Noble
What is your opinion on texas no rake/ hourly fee games??
Comment from : David Noble

Move near a casino, eat and breathe live cash game. Reflect on everything you observe. Draw meaningful conclusions. Figure out how the game can be beat. Can take a while but you can get there with focus.
Comment from : MugenTJ

Andreas Froehli Poker
Some great advice in there, a lot of live players underestimate the power of getting your fundamentals right online.
Comment from : Andreas Froehli Poker

Diego Alfredo Meza Barrera
Nice video. Thank you for sharing your thoughts for poker in 2019.

Always something to take away.

Comment from : Diego Alfredo Meza Barrera

Dean Aldred
Good discussion! I also use online games for practice as a way to keep my skills up to date. I can never decide how much time to invest in live cash games and tournaments. I usually end up spending more time playing tournaments simply because I find them more enjoyable, but I feel it would me to invest more time in the lower variance environment of the cash game
Comment from : Dean Aldred

Deric Stevens
Great video! It's funny you talked about cash games vs tournaments as I have just recently figured this out on my own.. I have dabbled in poker just recreationally for a couple of years but I have big plans for this year and hope to play alot of poker. Love the channel keep up the vids.
Comment from : Deric Stevens

Yea, great advice for the majority who are not financially secure

Take a trip that costs you $500+ in travel expenses, hotels, food etc. and then on a good trip win your money back that you paid to fund the trip then don’t play for 5 days ... that’s a great plan for the masses

Comment from : taxi5969

Enrique Marin
Thank you !! Very helpful and great insight into how a current professional looks at it. Great advice.
Comment from : Enrique Marin

any tips how to prevent rakes slowly eat your winnings? esp 5/10 above live, thanks
Comment from : Moan

Hector Gomez
Online poker is full of bots and house bots. Don't waste time and money in this dirty industry. If you really like poker, just play live poker.
Comment from : Hector Gomez

Jason Nelson
The higher vig/rake in tournaments should also be a factor. And also more travel expenses.
Comment from : Jason Nelson

Nice video, I agree that cash games are better if poker is your primary income source. I don't think tournaments should be touched until you have a very comfortable bankroll. The problem is this, we all have monthly expenses and a realistic expectation of how much we will make, the first 2 months the 80% covers our expenses with a small amount left over but MTTs aren't making us $$, month 3 we run below expectation in cash games, fail to bink an MTT and we now have to choose between paying our bills and continuing to play poker. That 20% surplus isn't meant to be squandered on high variance shots, nightclubs, clothes, bitches, drugs, loans to "friends" or whatever else you guys blow your $$ on, that surplus should be hidden away and guarded with your life and has 1 purpose and 1 purpose only: to replenish your roll when the inevitable downswing hits, don't think it won't happen it's part of the journey to the top and it happens to the best of us, the survivors in the game are the ones that are prepared!
Comment from : PokerOCD

Marvin Blue
I think the approach I am going to take is to play live cash games and use it to supplement my tournaments, use the 80/20 rule we’re I play 80% live cash and 20% tournaments
Comment from : Marvin Blue

Jermyn Church
Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you and yours

Thanks for the content.
A toast to another successful year for you.

Comment from : Jermyn Church

Hein Dattel
Topnotch clip.🌟
Thanks Alec and merry xmas and stay healthy.

Comment from : Hein Dattel

Allen Albright
I started playing poker in July. I have a USCF Expert rating in chess 2130 plus and my online blitz ratings have been over 2400. Now I am getting into poker and out of chess, started with 3 6 limit and got into 1 2 no limit like 3 weeks ago. I am getting into poker cause I want to make a living off it. There is no money in chess unless you are Carlson or in the top 20 players.
your videos are very good, was interesting hearing you talk about chess. You are so right, Fischer was ahead of his peers and so was Kasparov and Carlson.
The chess ratings have been skewed because of inflation, yes the general quality has gone up at the amateur and semi pro level, but raw talent and dominating classes still exist, just like in poker.
Personally I believe that a lot of 1 2 players are missing out of the solid foundation that 3 6 limit can help with, along with studying the right books.
I see some god awful 1 2 players and it makes me happy. No joke last week I saw 1 player go all in pre flop with A K at 1 2 no limit 300 max buy in stack, he was called by someone else that had A K, and another player that had pocket 7s ...clearly bad plays and I can honestly say that you would not find any 3 6 players that would do something so wrong. I think this is partially cause they get to play more hands to showdown. Anyway happy holidays, just venting my mind here on your page. great channel content. thanks

Comment from : Allen Albright

Ricardo Sannomiya
Which cash games books do you recommend?
Comment from : Ricardo Sannomiya

Marc G
I just discovered your channel and find it quite informative, I took a long break from poker and since moving to Vegas started dipping my toe back in the water in low limit games but plan to move over to NL. I look forward to applying the stuff (and my ability to follow it) Ive learned from your channel and others to the test.
Comment from : Marc G

This is why I subscribed. I do have a question following this video. I live about 20 min from a casino but they only have computer poker and i hate it. Is there a big difference from live games to computer operated games to you?
Comment from : Supreme182

Wow thanks Alec you are a great poker player .I love the content you put on youtube .The hand of the day , and all the videos you put there for us upcoming poker players. I like the way you live your life and how you give back to others your wisdom about the game . I wanted to say a big THANK YOU Alec for everything you Do. I created my own Youtube Channel where I stream and put content about poker . Thanks a lot Alec for all the videos you put there .Merry Christmas Alec and a great video you put out there. I stream right now but listen to you in my headphones . I play cash games 6 max .
Comment from : pythonpoker

Michelle Nastasis
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Alec
Comment from : Michelle Nastasis

Fahim Shahriyar
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year:D
Comment from : Fahim Shahriyar

Alec back at it..!
Comment from : MrDoughBoy

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