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Znapper nietz van kammerat
Comment from : robbert777

Ricardo Ortiz
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Comment from : Ricardo Ortiz

abdallah saben
I've been studying top poker tips and discovered an awesome resource at Card Crusher Fixer (check it out on google)
Comment from : abdallah saben

I thought this video was in English
Comment from : DrizzyVapor

Apple Watch yummy poopy dad poop toilet moisturizer
Comment from : Kentbob_GAMING

Big noob
Comment from : Kentbob_GAMING

Mr Dreams
Oh my god this is literaly me learning solitaire all over again
Comment from : Mr Dreams

Life’s A Animation
I’ll stick with UNO
Comment from : Life’s A Animation

Emi Ri
It made sense, but I can't find where to learn how to match cards and stuuuuff, to win.
Comment from : Emi Ri

Ray Man
These comments are hilarious. 😄
Comment from : Ray Man

I flop in understanding flop...
Comment from : Rishabh

99% of the comments are people complaining that they don't understand the video.

Ofcourse because it's for Poker players only. You will not really understand that because you haven't played poker before coming here, Lmao.


Patrick M
Literally every poker tutorial uses vocabulary/terminology only a person who knows how to play understands. totally defeats the entire point
Comment from : Patrick M

Sonny Ternus
Dude im drunk asf and didnt understand ahit
Comment from : Sonny Ternus

King Meed Spin
after this tutorial i tried playing poker. i lost a hand instead. real hand.
Comment from : King Meed Spin

You would understand better if you don’t scroll trough the comments
Go back up ☝️

Comment from : Brieen

Dragodic Emperor
This is the hardest Game to learn how to play. And they say trading card games are hard to understand. AND THEY'RE DESIGNED FOR CHILDREN! seriously yugioh, pokemon, and even magic are easier to under stand than this.
Comment from : Dragodic Emperor

William Rodríguez
Mmmmm you know what..... I don't want to learn how to play poker anymore
Comment from : William Rodríguez

Alex A
Wtf did he say tho
Comment from : Alex A

Edward Fleming
This video is good at explaining Texas Hold'em for people who have an idea of what poker is. It's not great at explaining Poker for people who have no idea what they're doing.
Comment from : Edward Fleming

Stewart Fullerton
Whats a down card?
Comment from : Stewart Fullerton

Adriel Cortes
Worst tutorial
Comment from : Adriel Cortes

Christian Daher
What are the 3 cards folded down for?
Comment from : Christian Daher

John Wilson
Other basic go on to explaining the value of hands good that you touched the most basic of poker! Good
Comment from : John Wilson

Kai_ slay_editz
Who else came here from Kakegurui? Just me ok.
Comment from : Kai_ slay_editz

Taka Nan
I have no idea What you said
Comment from : Taka Nan

the beast 711
ill stick to Blackjack
Comment from : the beast 711

The Andrew Center
I really don’t understand why people think this is complicated. Makes sense to me.
Comment from : The Andrew Center

Leo Larsson
Comment from : Leo Larsson

Xenon 6752
My head hurts now
Comment from : Xenon 6752

Comment from : Rayed

Batty Just-in-time
Rules are not clear, my dog is in the microwave
Comment from : Batty Just-in-time

I understand a deck of cards are involved.
Comment from : upupdowncircle

Gacha Ash
i'll stick with my uncles version...
Comment from : Gacha Ash

Julia Belmonte
Talks about blinds without explaining what they are
Comment from : Julia Belmonte

[Banned User]
You know it’s really not that hard to understand if you are a pro poker player
Comment from : [Banned User]

Ink Sans
Me and my buddys bet soda/ favors in poker
Comment from : Ink Sans

Shivam mathur
so confusing
Comment from : Shivam mathur

I see why many people understand this. I would recommend you to just download some poker game from app store and practice there
Comment from : Henri

Syren Scyth
Well now time to destroy my siblings at poker thank you for all the basics I've played poker before I just wanted to clarify all the rules to make sure I was right😀😇😁
Comment from : Syren Scyth

Jose Garcia
Wow there's to much info for my brain to process. I don't play poker am new to this
Comment from : Jose Garcia

Xburner 04
To anyone's who's confused, the best way to go learn poker is to play it! Download an app from the app store / google play store and do it yourself
Comment from : Xburner 04

Aryan Ambastha
I'll stick to UNO!
Comment from : Aryan Ambastha

Who's here after the GTA 5 casino update
Comment from : Brisisdabest

Casual Viewer
Bro I just want that legend of the east outfit
Comment from : Casual Viewer

absolutely not a clue
Comment from : Adrienne

Comment from : appPerson112

Lil Obama
Great explaining for real
Comment from : Lil Obama

Comment from : Willywonka000

Bandage for my thumb by liking almost all the comments.. They are 100% true. Most honest comments ever... Hats off
Comment from : ESCANOR _80

Here's a plethora of words you dont understand, oh yeah, I'll leave out the point of the game and just say the rules and a few possibilities. Enjoy fuckers!
Comment from : Black101Warri0r

Francisco Lopez
“I Fold” (actually folds cards) 😂
Comment from : Francisco Lopez

Hm, so...yeah
Comment from : Alan

jeremiah andor
instructions not clear. bought 3 dogs
Comment from : jeremiah andor

K1ddu #Rares
hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to discover best online poker tips try Jaffacter Poker Secrets Coach (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my mate got great results with it.
Comment from : K1ddu #Rares

Vijay Ratan Singh
Go to hell
Comment from : Vijay Ratan Singh

Nathanael Karundeng
Comment from : Nathanael Karundeng

Denise Buckner
And the fourth card is called fourth street
Comment from : Denise Buckner

Denise Buckner
Is the third card called third street
Comment from : Denise Buckner

Actual explanation: Just watch a round of poker. It's actually really easy
Comment from : Zigeuninja

Harrison Lee
Bad explanation, I killed my cat
Comment from : Harrison Lee

A noobs guide that only people who play will understand.
Comment from : FBI Guy

dimches сhannel
who likes to play in Chinese rooms? As for me, playing in Chinese rooms is easier, do you think?

Comment from : dimches сhannel

Sam The Gamer
I just looked at the view counter and it 1,999,999 so I’m the 1,200,000 view
Comment from : Sam The Gamer

Anton_ Kill
Thanks, I’ll stick to Exploding Kittens.
Comment from : Anton_ Kill

Cristina Herrera
I still don’t understand anything
Comment from : Cristina Herrera

Game King India
Play Poker & Win Real Cash at: www.gameking.co.in/online-poker.html
Comment from : Game King India

Crunk Lil
Comment from : Crunk Lil

Ivano Kriletić
He sounds like harry from home alone burglars😂
Comment from : Ivano Kriletić

Lol Bro
His explanation motivated me to never play poker... Cause you should not play what you don't understand.
Comment from : Lol Bro

Mahbob Ahmed
Thanks for the tutorial video. Now I’m gonna waste my money at the casino🙃
Comment from : Mahbob Ahmed

Mahbob Ahmed
“Call” means to put the same amount of chips as the last person
“Raise” means to increase the amount of chips the last person put down
“Fold” means to give up and sit out of the game
“Flop” is the word used to describe the main betting scheme. Once everyone has their 2 Hole Cards and when the 3 Community Cards are dealt

Comment from : Mahbob Ahmed

Thomas Hill
I don't Play Texas Hold'm I am a * * SUITS * * player and it is a Canadian card game. Do you know how to play it ?.
Comment from : Thomas Hill

now instead of not knowing how to play. i now have next to no idea how to play. i think this wins the award for worst tutorial ever.
Comment from : Setback

I am so confused
Comment from : FishyYT

I got one question

Comment from : Sunshine

LSD-Rick B-172
Lol what?
Comment from : LSD-Rick B-172

My brother teached me so I understand
Comment from : •MøonLīghtOfficial•

Aidan Brooks
um... what?
Comment from : Aidan Brooks

Eric Cariamella Is The Whistleblower
Ok first explain wtf fold and under the gun means
Comment from : Eric Cariamella Is The Whistleblower

is he talking to poker pro?
Comment from : Pacman

Great info FYI you can’t depend on one video to learn poker. Pick up a book called dummies
Comment from : healty4u

c s
It is blackjack
Comment from : c s

this was really useful as a guide to basic poker rules, thank you!
Comment from : 18711chanel

johnson gurung
Who goes first if there are only 3 players is it the person who deals the card ?
Comment from : johnson gurung

Benoni Rotariu
Vreau traducerea explicațiilor in limba romană ,,,!
Comment from : Benoni Rotariu

Normani Made Bangtan snap
Instructions unclear, ended up playing solitaire
Comment from : Normani Made Bangtan snap

Ok but i dont get the cards
Comment from : Týr

I\'m not sure but ,if anyone else wants to learn about poker secrets tips try Jaffacter Poker Secrets Coach (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my m8 got excellent success with it.
Comment from : 100Hoursvideo

Krishna Reddi
Whats a flop?who is blind?😥Im gonna get a headache man
Comment from : Krishna Reddi

Cherry fox
I love how no one get any of this all they have to do is some extra research on Google to find out what a hand is
Comment from : Cherry fox

Jabez Dixon
Comment from : Jabez Dixon

sourab red
In English please
Comment from : sourab red

Harry Reid
Watch this after watching a better 'how to play poker' video and this will make a whole lot more sense lmao.
Comment from : Harry Reid

Okay, so the main thing I got from this was Pre Flop de flop flop fruit loop. Big bet.
Comment from : Parasite1101

Milton Young
Who plays red ded And watched this
Comment from : Milton Young

Ghost Askren's
Why not show an actual card game with the tutorial, so we can understand this jargon?
Comment from : Ghost Askren's

What about the cards?
Comment from : DangerGamer

Leon Anderson
Why so many dislikes?
Comment from : Leon Anderson

Ok I get it, there’s a blind river and a dealer decides if he’s good or not
Comment from : Lib

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