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diqm quimeji
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Comment from : diqm quimeji

So much of this video was me thinking, godamn, please say "Hey Alexa..." and turn on some white noise. Because you humming only the chorus of a JB song....It was a part of your brain I didn't need to be in.
Comment from : aesop2020

MVeli Altindagli
Fuck pokerstars is so fake
Comment from : MVeli Altindagli

Pranav Kumar
Superb Video...I like it. I too like to play poker online and I have won around 3 lakh rupees in just 3 months. PokerStellar is my favourite site and this site helped me to earn more money. If you like to play poker then give a try at Pokerstellar. Visit: www.pokerstellar.com/
Comment from : Pranav Kumar

Certified Beauty
Dont complain until youve hit quads and still get cheesed on the river by a straight flush
Comment from : Certified Beauty

poker online
Super video 😁😁
Comment from : poker online

Kiki Waka
Nice one respect man
Comment from : Kiki Waka

Leo Walters
What can you win @ a €/$100 tournament on pokerstars?
Comment from : Leo Walters

And I watched this and the other saved stream video to get a cold end.. bummer
Comment from : Brent

If you sing and hum more than 50% of your stream.. you're genuinely a very happy person. I probably would be too if I could go anywhere I wanted, do what I wanted and had Mills in the banks n stocks n property..
Comment from : Brent

Pedro Strom
no he's not good
Comment from : Pedro Strom

Ryan Link
Daniel eating is making me hungry
Comment from : Ryan Link

This Daniel Negreanu is one of the best poker players of all time
Comment from : Bambamss

Sean Mc Connell
pokerstars is rigged as fk
Comment from : Sean Mc Connell

Dj Melu - Music Mixes
Jokest Game ever!!!
Comment from : Dj Melu - Music Mixes

BEWARE!!!! crypto currency prices going up so these fake online poker sites will be stealing your bitcoins with ridiculous promotions that are just to get your bitcoins. You will see more sites asking only for bitcoins. BECAREFUL
Comment from : rd

loses 800 bucks one minute into the game
"ah, dammit..."

Comment from : bondmode

20:08 hahahahaa
Comment from : weILL

Interesting that his first three hands were suited connectors, an A9 and then a pair of tens that he hits quads with, on the third hand we see. And then AK right away, nothing juiced about online poker, right? No wonder he has won 36 million live and is a loser on poker stars. Look at the starting hands he is being dealt. Online poker. A scam. THen he folds the pocket 5s and of course he folds and hits the third five on the river, seems as though you always hit that out right after you fold your hand, almost as to say, hang on to the hand a little longer toss in a few more chips chasing, only when you chase, it doesn't hit.. THen the 7-10 hearts seeing the all spades flop , so IM not the only one this shit happens to right? I get 50 suited hands I see nothing, then you get a king suited and flop the flush into the ace sitting on your left. See how when he thinks he has a hand to dump all in if its folded to him, its NEVER folded to him? Then he has the KJ of spades and you think there he can raise and take the pot but no as usual the AQ spades on his left, this is all exactly the same garbage I see when I play online poker. And of course, because his stack was bigger, his KJ of spades won the race so the other player would be eliminated and on to the next tourney fee. How Negreanu cant see this shit is mind boggling. This is all in a what 24 minute video? How many good starting hands did he get? The hands he thought were raiseable he never got the chance. This could have been me playing, the same exact things happen, and its the same thing every night. It never changes. You can sit down at nearly any table and within 5 hands be dealt a hand you might stack off with. This is bogus nonsense and I wish someone would fix it. You especially Daniel.
Comment from : Dave

Marc Church
More rake is better
Comment from : Marc Church

Bro why didnt u turn ur wifi off if u hooked to the box
Comment from : budly

The Money Maker Sports
Daniel is Clearly Light on the Iron. #Gay
Comment from : The Money Maker Sports

Жека Литвиненко
Карэ на десятках? Сильно)
Comment from : Жека Литвиненко

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Comment from : POKER BRASIL GL

Paypal Bank
Reppin our country good dan💪👏
Comment from : Paypal Bank

id pkv
Bosan main poker online kalah terus?
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Comment from : id pkv

fake as hell
Comment from : RobertMOdell

Хочу научится играть и выигрывать как Даниэль но пока не получается
Comment from : Vasyliy

Shift Plan
LOL some guys teached him in the comments 😂 and the Rest claims ps is rigged . Mankind is lost af
Comment from : Shift Plan

Kristofer Mulpetre
Painful to watch mate, you’re just fannying on with other stuff all the time instead of watching the game. I came to see you play poker, not eat friggin mushrooms and spinach
Comment from : Kristofer Mulpetre

Daniel Bell
Why push with A9 to collect 600 chips lol... You’re only going to be dominated or pick up a measly 600
Comment from : Daniel Bell

John Doble
This website is the worst man, it's so unregulated its unreal, it's a proven money grabber
Comment from : John Doble

James Walker
Lame soy boi
Comment from : James Walker

"I could tell she was Filipino, cause she didn't have an accent." Wow...my momma don't like you, and she likes everyone. Idiot lol
Comment from : Ace_K_82

Bieber is good? You broke my heart
Comment from : sonofsun1320

You can't be all loosey goosey with your internet connection.
Comment from : It'sGood

Mark Hunt
How can you play online cash games in America?
Comment from : Mark Hunt

Rj Custer
Love watching the guy do his thing on WSP or whatever. But THIS was painful. His ADD was out in force. Watch the game you're playing dude, and ignore twitch.
Comment from : Rj Custer

When the room service guy comes in...Daniel is such a stand-up, friendly dude.
Comment from : RPBiohazard

Tiernan lyness
where does he stream
Comment from : Tiernan lyness

snoopy snoopy
I love you Negranu
Comment from : snoopy snoopy

Joseph M
Other than Pokerstars, (noting that " Skleptic" says is not rigged).. How about any other on line poker sites, are any rigged? It sure seems so when people continue to get bad, bad beats? Any advice would be appreciated.
Comment from : Joseph M

critic de arta
Mancamiai pula saluta si tu romani daniel jegosu oricum bravo ai ajuns mare cu tactu canadian sa fii sanatos
Comment from : critic de arta

Евгений Мацукевич
Даниель ,привет!Мне нравиться твоя игра,красава
Comment from : Евгений Мацукевич

Vijay Yadav
How can i play online for real money?
Comment from : Vijay Yadav

himanshu sharma
Are these real money ???
Comment from : himanshu sharma

Owen Griffiths
This takes stream sniping to whole new level
Comment from : Owen Griffiths

Be careful
Comment from : 殺手Zombie

Roman Blasi
Daniel is smart and cool.
Comment from : Roman Blasi

Madalina Ionescu
Ești român ?
Comment from : Madalina Ionescu

Leseru Robert
pokerstars promotes the old players , i noticed with my 2 accounts , on old one i get only big cards , and always win a allin on pot , on the new one i get only vegetables.. stop playing poker online!!! go play real poker
Comment from : Leseru Robert

So, the way to play like a champion is:
1. Limp-all in any pocket pair, AK, and suited high cards
2. There is no step 2

Comment from : CatsMeowPaw

Pavel Litera
Sick rigged idiot
Comment from : Pavel Litera

Jason Little
U make everbody bet ? Like that kinda game it thave
Comment from : Jason Little

Paul Cervenka
Doesn't he get stream sniped like mad?
Comment from : Paul Cervenka

I wonder if the players knew they were playing against the real DN.... I would have shart, then sat out if I knew.
Comment from : Dunedad

Jesse Montervino
Site in NJ?
Comment from : Jesse Montervino

Graf T.
Comment from : Graf T.

This is so damn obvious , it's a very mush Rigged online game
Comment from : raedlm

sell ur landlord land to the city/town. private property is theft
Comment from : Attabeira

Curly Joe
Daniel puts himself in bad spots with his A K shoves.. bring back the min. bet then hammer them.
Comment from : Curly Joe

Arsenal Fan
Hands down my favorite poker player after this video lmao
Comment from : Arsenal Fan

Edify Salim
You play very well daniel, putting all his money with King jack calling, which school have you been to? You’re a professional and i can do this to you :):)
Comment from : Edify Salim

Emery Lucan
There's Daniel eating yet another cock sandwich
Comment from : Emery Lucan

Why does he look like a male nurse at a elderly care facility
Comment from : MyBallzGotShocked

Marilyn mc
Man I wish we could play together I live in Washington 😑🙄🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️
Comment from : Marilyn mc

david eastham
Anyone else getting reads on @kidpoker
Comment from : david eastham

Bob Burton
I think the chart says to fold this 1 but i wont be doing that...then folds😂
Comment from : Bob Burton

Varga David
Is he doing lives anymore?
Comment from : Varga David

M. a.
Why would smbdy like him who crusheh many high rollers play a tournament for 100 bucks?
Comment from : M. a.

Logan Ratnarajah
4:00 claimed by umg
Comment from : Logan Ratnarajah

PaulieNickels Coin Roll Hunting
Would love for you to join my private room. Autographed Book Tourney. I'll send ya an invite sometime. Take a chance to win an autographed book from yours truly! Cheers, Dan! Would love to see the cash games back in New York!
Comment from : PaulieNickels Coin Roll Hunting

you are not good in poker
Comment from : DogoMango

Michael Adewale
This is real money?
Comment from : Michael Adewale

Lisa Seeley
He is not as nice as people make him out to be i was in vegas and tried to say hi and get a picture with him i was a huge fan until he blew me off and walked away
Comment from : Lisa Seeley

adam membrano
what site is he playing

Comment from : adam membrano

Jon Hanson
wasnt real money ban in the USA
Comment from : Jon Hanson

matty bsweat
Love how all losing players saying it’s rigged..try playing better instead of complaining donkies
Comment from : matty bsweat

Did you really need to put all the pokerstar pro names there just to get more views?
Comment from : GotherL

I'd pay to watch negreanu eat veggies and play poker online.
Comment from : GamePlayRaja

Senna Rain
He's drinking. Drunk vegan on poker. So sad to see this champion go all in with AK what a ridiculous move. This is how not to play, right Daniel? Daniel??? Is this me?
Comment from : Senna Rain

Dylan Dundas
Just as dorky as ever still my all time favorite poker player the way you can play J6 is awesome to me
Comment from : Dylan Dundas

Justin Caudill
Anyone know what location he's playing from?! I.e. State, Country?!
Comment from : Justin Caudill

Mario Haya
56s, TT, AK, A9, A8... he was getting great hands
Comment from : Mario Haya

Matej Hasnek
Imagine watching Daniel's Twitch stream while playing poker against him. Did he think about that?
Comment from : Matej Hasnek

Traurige Wahrheit
Comment from : Traurige Wahrheit

St.EveNMichael MADara
It's me.sim no more messim around
Comment from : St.EveNMichael MADara

St.EveNMichael MADara
Michael Phel.PS.nj sponsor pro
Comment from : St.EveNMichael MADara

St.EveNMichael MADara
Maybe because I was on the falll
Comment from : St.EveNMichael MADara

St.EveNMichael MADara
Durrr sniff that cia smart dust stranger thing Hollywood tie ga our thing we door
Comment from : St.EveNMichael MADara

St.EveNMichael MADara
Wow $200-$400
1 house 2 house

Comment from : St.EveNMichael MADara

St.EveNMichael MADara
Put the $ next to the chip count to make them forget the $100 nj tx

$5,788 in non cash game chips

Comment from : St.EveNMichael MADara

Aaron Weir
Funny how it glitches when he had pocket 88 and remember he had internet problems. That's funny sounds like someone's cheeting and I'm the bigest fan it could be someone else I'm just saying it's usually the big stacks hitting crazy rivers.
Comment from : Aaron Weir

Aaron Weir
Its a glitch in program where someone's cheeting when the screen blinks or does what it's doing. Don't trust online betting its a computer game it is and will always be hackers and or bots fucking u out of ur money always someone smarter than u think. Be smart stay way.
Comment from : Aaron Weir

Pshurri Pshurri
Poker online is a real magic game with player h playng with robotic card and every time flush flush set over set full over full and the river card is to magic ....so fuck pokerstar carton film game.
Comment from : Pshurri Pshurri

Feels like gambling. Gambling with guts
Comment from : Alex

Ricardo Alfonso
You should make more videos like this!

So amateur players like me can learn how to play better

Comment from : Ricardo Alfonso

Ayk Bayanduryan
its funny how they go all in with 10k like it was 1 dollar haha
Comment from : Ayk Bayanduryan

Ayk Bayanduryan
haha his great
Comment from : Ayk Bayanduryan

Robin Charles
Is that a landline o.o xD
Comment from : Robin Charles

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