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Jordan Bonifacio
Bro what to do in big ass deep stack home game tourneys where everyone calls pretty much anything preflop and the only other good player demands to sit to your left😂 I just play tight af and let the good hands rake but still it’s a weird confusing style of play
Comment from : Jordan Bonifacio

Allen Albright
If you are playing GTO then you break even, everyone should. Just like chess if both sides play perfectly it is most likely a draw.
I have bene Playing Poker Snowie, from what I can tell you got to be able to play both GTO and Exploitive when needed. Everything needs to be balanced, . though most likely the balance has to be adjusted throughout the games. Computers take such accurate measurements of ranges etc. that they can do this effectively.
I think PokerSnowie is a great tool. It is not prefect, but pretty useful What do you all think of PokerSnowie? Jonathan Little did a video about it and I bought a year of Snowie and seems very much worth the money. I am a pretty new poker player. I got a USCF Expert rating at chess, so I am used to theory, and Snowie reminds me of some early strong chess software.

Comment from : Allen Albright

Tyler Joyner
Is bryn Kenny that good?
Comment from : Tyler Joyner

Dope shirt
Comment from : NICK D

I didn't watch the whole video, but GTO5 is awesome! Glad to see a blackjack pro also enjoys gaming. You ever play red dead redemption? If you like GTO, it's just like that but with horses.
Comment from : bizzarrogeorge

adminstrative user
Berkey AK v Polk 89

A 7 7 9 9

Comment from : adminstrative user

Jimie Rustler
can't focus cause of the shiny nose
Comment from : Jimie Rustler

Doesn’t even exit. What is it
Comment from : vincentiPad

Simply Human
GTO is bullshit. It cannot be used in a game of unknowns which poker is. For GTO to work you have to know what cards the villains play every hand to know their tendencies.. The problem is, most players never show their cards so you never know their range unless there is a showdown. Also, when a good player adjusts his style, your analysis of his tendencies will be wrong.

The better players use poition, situation, and hand reading skills, They play the opponent without all the fancy math theory. You really think Scotty Nguyen, or Phil Laak use GTO? Get real.

Comment from : Simply Human

it all sounds like stupid geek shit, why dont you apply heuristics for all i care?
Comment from : Beanmachine91

andy handyman
Doug could you do huge favor for your subscribers? if yes, please, take videos from you friend Ryan Fee and explain them) i know his is a pretty good player but to explain things his is worse one) Tnx
Comment from : andy handyman

William Arrington
Online players are only better because they have live HUD stats honestly. It takes them about a year to adjust to live play. You actually have to pay attention, look at people, everything you do is judged down to how you toss chips in... the way you place your card protector. Live poker is true poker while online is much more a math game
Comment from : William Arrington

I think i'm actually worse at poker after watching this video.
Comment from : HashinStash99801

John Mason
Neither is better. The most important thing is that more rake is better.
Comment from : John Mason

game strategy: play GTO until start getting a really good hands and develop an intimidating stack, proceed to play exploitative responsibly.
Comment from : Alidwee

Winners don't do GTO
Comment from : TreeUnit3

This is a great analogy to MMA. There were two great fighters, Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva, who had totally different styles. St. Pierre would focus entirely on defending defeat, even passing up risky position changes on the ground to keep his opponent in control. Anderson Silva was a "cruel mirror," who would watch his opponent for a round, and then brutally exploit whatever holes were in his opponent's game, almost always through striking. Georges St. Pierre ultimately won more often, but Silva won by greater margins.
Comment from : Everett01

Andrew Mason
Thanks for this. One of the my favourite videos on the channel (along with explanation of ranges). I don't play (I tried and was terrible) but really enjoy listening to explanations and analysis.
Comment from : Andrew Mason

Junito Punto Comm
8:32 When a tournament is about to start and I want to end this freaking video real quick !! Lol
Comment from : Junito Punto Comm

5 8
Comment from : 5 8

ya ruined poker with this hole gto crap and roi.
Comment from : t100base

TheLandOfTears s
So why not call this a copycat strategy? Your opponent pretty much adjusts to your style of playing the more you two play until finally it just becomes a standard game of poker. Isn't this what it is or is it more?
Comment from : TheLandOfTears s

Thank you so much. You have helped my game immensely.
Comment from : siyen7

We absolutely need to see a large-sample, live heads up match between Hellmuth and Doug. The world wants to see it!
Comment from : GARY Gwin

Jon Dorsey
is hiding big chips behind stacks a GTO approach?
Comment from : Jon Dorsey

Monty Dean
Can you give a GTO example pre flop and flop?
Comment from : Monty Dean

Doug, so basically what you say is that if I play rock paper scissors and choose the GTO strategy of 1/3 rock, 1/3 paper, 1/3 scissors - I win money? How is it possible? Isn't it EV=0 no matter what strategy my opponent chooses?
Comment from : maxik1177

Keith J
1 million respect points for whoever can tell me what the four books are over his right shoulder.
Comment from : Keith J

Dreamworld Isolation
There's no substitute for good old table selection skills. Then you don't need GTO because I'm looking for whales anyway. I insta leave the table if people are acting a bit too rationally. Bum hunting 101. I learned this back in '08 and it's been profitable ever since.
Comment from : Dreamworld Isolation

Jason Liu
Poker is a zero sum game (someone has to lose in order for you to win). Is it true that if you play perfect GTO in the long run, since your opponent is indifferent between either options, you would tie your opponent and just lose money on rake? I don't see how your opponent can be indifferent between their options and still have all options be favorable to you.
Comment from : Jason Liu

Jay Day
this video is tourture for us ADD students
Comment from : Jay Day

john baesv
Comment from : john baesv

John Smith
I'm a Doug fan, but GTO in live poker is the biggest bunch of bullshit ever

Let it be known that the great poker mind John Smith was the first to point out that GTO is the Emperor's New Clothes

Comment from : John Smith

Thomas Minder
hey doug do you only have 3 t-shirts?
Comment from : Thomas Minder

Bram Cohen
If you really want to know about exploiting exploitative play, here's a cutting edge treatise on strategies for rock paper scissors: www.quora.com/What-are-some-strategies-for-winning-rock-paper-scissors/answer/Bram-Cohen
Comment from : Bram Cohen

Heart and Troll
You think you're better than Phil Hellmuth? How many WSOP bracelets do you have, Doug? That's what I thought!
Comment from : Heart and Troll

Hey Doug: what is GTO rock, paper, scissors? Paper, right?
Comment from : CNCTEMATIC

Dior F
The best approach is to ensure your game is close to GTO then after you've noticed your opponent's mistakes adjust to exploit them but not to such an extent that the adjustments are readily noticeable to your opponent.
Comment from : Dior F

I leave mean comments
"online players tend to be a lot better than these live pros..."

In all seriousness, theres an aspect you should look into. Joshua Foer talks about it in "Moonwalking with Einstein". He uses the example of "chicken sex-ers", and how they go to this 2 year long university for determining the sex of chicks because it's such a difficult and nuanced skill. The point being that it's incredibly difficult to quantify exactly what to look for when sex-ing the chicks, and they have to just go through months of training to just recognize the differences. The brain starts to offload much of the sex-ing to the unconscious parts, and can eventually become extremely fast and skilled. Stanislas Dehaene talks about it in "Consciousness and the Brain" too. My point is that someone like Phil Ivey, from playing hand after hand since his youth, has likely internalized many of the aspects of the game... and even though he probably does understand game theory quite well... he doesn't necessarily have to be able to. After playing for so long, the "right thing to do" in any given situation starts to become offloaded to the unconscious parts of the brain. This is also where the "feeling" that a player is bluffing comes from; since many good players pick up cues from people unconsciously, and it sets off red flags in their brain that the person may be bluffing.

Comment from : I leave mean comments

Yin Yang
Comment from : OnlyTheHeroDies

Online players are shit in live games in my experience. Without thousands of hand histories and computer programs to give them stats on the other players they are out of their element and have to make their own decisions.
Comment from : AllHailKingRyan

How can you be a good exploitative player if you do not know how a good fairly balanced strategy looks like? For example, if a player opens 85% of btns (lets say HU 100bb deep) and 3bets 20% from the big blind, how do you know how to adjust if you dont know what a good strategy looks like in the first place? Or if a player check-raises river quite often (15-20% like Liberatus seems to do), how do I exploit this without knowing how often a well thought of balanced strategy check-raises?
Comment from : CaracasBob

Harry Haxton lmao
Comment from : IntotheVortex

Gary Gwinn
Ok someone tell me if this is not the correct evaluation of this video, based on the subject matter please. I think playing "Exploitative" poker is best when wading through huge fields of players in tournaments like the Main Event. GTO is definitely better when playing against tough Regs in tournaments or cash games. Obviously once you have ran deep in a big tournament, you should probably slip back towards the GTO more and more, especially nowadays with tourney fields being tougher and tougher. I think a lot of players in tough cash games, do whatever they can to get there opponents away from GTO play, but if you are calm and stick to it, it will pay dividends. When I think GTO, I think Eric Seidel, and the Exploitive guys, are definitely the Phil Hellmuth, and Doyle Brunson
Comment from : Gary Gwinn

If you know someone is playing a certain strategy, then the optimization problem is now constrained and the constrained optimal strategy, if any, may turn out to be another one than the global optimal strategy. Therefore, GTO includes exploitation too.

There is a lot of vagueness in some definitions here, but some general conclusionas can be made. I am not a game theory specialist, but the existence itself of a non-loosing optimal strategy seems ensured by minmax theorems. The problem is that poker being a zero-sum game, optimal strategies can at most break even if the oponent is non-exploutable (aka also optimal).

Thus, in fact, the only possible way to win money is to exploit, which, in turn, is also GTO.

Comment from : eshneto

Michael Muller
hey its me duggie polk bazam huehuehueheahh XD
Comment from : Michael Muller

You looked like a lost puppy at the end :'D
Comment from : Stephen

Felix Alvarez
Thank you for the video man, I really liked it.
Comment from : Felix Alvarez

Hugo Buenrostro
Sir_donald wins like a 9bb/100 on nl500 zoom whit an extreme exploitative style.
Comment from : Hugo Buenrostro

Comment from : MonsterTVchannel

what happened with that outro :D Well anyway gonna put to work these hours of study :) got my 1st "small" tournament 10£ buy-in :) hehe everybody at their pace
Comment from : TheCatalangamer

doug i imagine that you in general did NOT play GTO when u were winning off those 5 players you showed us in your "how i won millions of dollars playing poker" video.
Comment from : po1980

St.EveNMichael MADara
Comment from : St.EveNMichael MADara

Jake S
Hey doug been an upswing member for a couple months now and am really seeing improvement and getting better at the game, love the youtube too. Could u possibly consider making a module on upswing that goes over recommended stats overall and maybe for each position on poker tracker? I think that would really be helpful for a lot of ppl and would make sure we r implementing your strategy as effectively as possible. Thanks alot
Comment from : Jake S

Cody Williams
sup Doug, its Blufferusky from wsop we've played a few times during your challenge. First just want to thank you ive been supporting myself playing online for 8 years and your videos and the lab have taken my game to the point were I feel as though im the favorite no matter who im up against hu. And by the way one question. Where can I grab acouple of those shirts youre wearing in this vid ?
Comment from : Cody Williams

Arpad T
i watched this video before Primitive Technology's new video. That tells something.
Comment from : Arpad T

Sweet SweeetHistory
Comment from : Sweet SweeetHistory

why HASN'T GTO been solved? Surely there's someone good enough at math to do it? Or are there just too many variables and possible scenarios? Why can't a bot just figure out on the spot what the correct betting ratio is, then we can just play on the internet and have the bot figure out the math on the spot and then we input the correct bet size
Comment from : BishTV

Bob Mob
Again a free video more valuable than anything RIO elite offers haha. Thanks Doug
Comment from : Bob Mob

why 97$ for first month?
Comment from : Thspinnage

What an outro guys.
Comment from : Conishen

Simonas Vaitiekunas
o wouldn't it be more appropriate to call it "gtb - game theory balanced"..

I never understood that, because if it's Game Theory Optimal, then taking the exploitative line is actually GTO, because it's the highest possible EV you can achieve for the given decision, thus it is optimal from a game theory point.

What you are saying basically is that GTO is some sort of Nash equilibrium, which if always applied, won't be GTO, because you would have won more money by doing elsething.

Also I notice that you are refering to GTO in a defensive way, in which case I still wouldn't dare call it game theory optimal, because it cannot be opimal unless you are playing against exact same strategy.

So as you said - noone know yet what the fuck GTO is and no wonder, because there are many fallacies in the way that the term is being projected.

GTO as an equilibrium would occur naturally if 2 opponents (for the sake of simplicity) with perfect understanding of poker theory, battle heads up until they intuitively adjust up to a point where their both strategy becomes exactly the same, at which point deriving from it would make them to lose money, but only because your opponent is playing perfectly.

Given the complexity of poker and all the variables , it would be nearly impossible to tell if your opponent is playing perfectly, unless you manage to see hundreds of showdowns for each and every possible line which won't happen in noones life even in limit games and even less in any for of pot or no limit poker. So other then from a pure philosophical pov it is a waste of time not only because of it's complexity, but also because of little real life use at least at the given moment in time.

Sorry have missed most of the video while writing this, will watch it again ;D

Comment from : Simonas Vaitiekunas

Keegan Smith
Doug Polk, what's the GTO way to extract the nuts from Maria Ho's you know
Comment from : Keegan Smith

Joe Regan
Great example of Hellmuth making his over the top adjustments that work against fish was an old PAD episode where he was stuck in the antichrist seat (Bob Safai on his left). The rest of the field was Phil Laak (obviously capable of questionable stuff, but also capable of very good play), Tom Dwan, Antonio Esfandiari, and Kenny Tran. Pretty clear who the person to pick on is.

So Hellmuth started limping strong hands, a bunch. The other four players caught on quick to what he was doing and didn't give his limps action, but Bob (now on stone cold tilt) raised him up while holding 52s, and Phil proceeded to get stacks in by the turn with his KK that flopped a set.

I still struggle a bit going too far off the deep end with exploitative play, unless I know I'm up against a complete drooler that won't counter me.

Comment from : Joe Regan

Karigaila Samaitis
A lot of things got clearer. I`ve been watching these videos since autumn. I have to say I think I improved, at least the mindset of poker. Even though Dog Polk wont notice me, my understanding of poker wouldn`t be the same without all this content. Thank you
Comment from : Karigaila Samaitis

When I run well I win when I am not I lose.
Comment from : MrStevie57

where did you get your t-shirt?
Comment from : EatClean_TrainDirty

It surprised me that you said gto isnt figuered out yet. At least in short stack situations I was confident that there is mathematically "perfect" play. I gotta therefore admit that I'm using cheat sheets with pushing ranges as soon as I get short (M<10) in my online tournament game. Does exploitive play make sense in short situations against typical micro stakes players? Or is my cheat sheet approach always better in the long run?
Comment from : MrLolercoaster

4K Nature and City Walks
first 60 fps video?
Comment from : 4K Nature and City Walks

Hotsauce is Lethal
Poker is easy bro you just gotta "Know when to hold'em, know when to fold'em..."
Comment from : Hotsauce is Lethal

Karl Ali
What would happen if a gto played another gto player heads up?
Comment from : Karl Ali

Hey Doug in your article it says, 'Here, the correct ratio of value bets to bluffs as Hero is 2-to-1,
meaning that Hero’s betting range should consist of 66% bluffs and 33%
value bets.' Shouldn't it be Hero's betting range should consist of 33% bluffs and 66% value bets?

Comment from : DeathBySlushPuppy

Yo doug! I really appreciate your videos, I feel like you share actual valuable information unlike others. Keep up the awesomeness!
Comment from : ZIZEE

I'm having trouble with a fish who minbet donks 100% and has figured out a pretty decent strategy for it. He can minbet, 3bet or minbet/shove on any street and I can't figure out what his range is. Should I just fold when he bets 10% pot and wait for a hand? I just keep getting fucked vs him.
Comment from : philhellmuff

Damn i'd love to pee in Doug Polk's butt.
Comment from : DonteKeys

Russicles M
balancing out the signoff.... nice.
Comment from : Russicles M

Comment from : QQ7magic

I love it how years of dedicated playing and studying poker, made you into this guy on twitch and yt who explains stuff like this about poker so clear and also very entertaining :)! thanks bro.
Comment from : MJPOKER

John M3
Doug, Can you do a Polker Hands analysis of the hand between Sam Abernathy (AQs) versus Cate Hall (KK), Sam runs a huge bluff to win the pot but I thought it was a clear call for Cate.Thanks
Comment from : John M3

Lloyd Bolt
I asked Chicago dipshit this question on one of his streams but told me to look it up like it's beneath him to explain what he keeps talking about, it's great having Doug in the poker community and on YouTube giving a honest and reliable opinion. Loving this channel at the moment don't change the format, it works...
Comment from : Lloyd Bolt

LOL outro cringe, I was awaiting a closing joke LOL
Comment from : Andreas

Joe Dybisz
Have you guys considered calling it Downswing Poker?
Comment from : Joe Dybisz

Death Phonix
Comment from : Death Phonix

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