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Kamil S
On PokerStars any pocket cards are the best expect mine.
Comment from : Kamil S

A2s isn't really a good hand at all, except in heads up (1v1). Beginners should definitely NOT play anything under A5s or A9o, imho.
Comment from : Nz0s

Max Marritt
Low pairs are great all you need to do is see a cheap flop. If you hit a set, you're golden and your hand is pretty disguised. If you don't , it's an easy fold and you don't lose much money
Comment from : Max Marritt

Fun Times
I'm assuming this is a great video for people who understand the jargon of poker. I came to howcast cause I don't know shite... Watched a video on poker terminology and still didn't get 40% of what he said
Comment from : Fun Times

Greg Harris
The best starting hands in texas hold 'em are the ones you feel like you'll get lucky with and have the chips to spare in order to make the call and see the flop.

it doesnt matter if it's 7-2 or 9-3 off suit, if you're feeling lucky and have some chips to spare then by all means put them in and see the flop.

Comment from : Greg Harris

N. Barrett
Lots of info in a 4 minute video. Helpful tips for noobs and people wanting to learn more about poker.
Comment from : N. Barrett

Bijay Rajak
Nothing new
Comment from : Bijay Rajak

Great explenation. I love your how to play poker videos!
Comment from : VFTS DORADO

Wes K
Play only premium hands and pocket pairs in early position. Play other hands on the button.
Comment from : Wes K

Thomas Hill
The best hand is Running Six Pack 9,10,J,Q,K,A, Hearts in * * SUITS * * a Canadian card game
Comment from : Thomas Hill

Pruthivi P
If someone 3 bets a pretty high amount, is AQoffsuit a callinghand or a folding hand.
Comment from : Pruthivi P

What about against A.I?
Comment from : L G

DFS for beer money
none of this is true on pokerstars 3, 8 offsuit and 7,2 are the hand. and big suckouts of the river. this is true for real table poker at a casino.
Comment from : DFS for beer money

Sometimes these best hands cannot win.
Comment from : Dsimic

22 on WSOP 2016 if I remember correctly lost 100% of the time. I general pick something really high, or a part of combination.
Comment from : LordArioh

I was expecting the ''you know'' guy
Comment from : Santi

Coin Collector
You need to understand that everything you do at the poker table conveys information.......
Comment from : Coin Collector

Malcolm Lewis
Would be a lot better tutorial if you weren't using industry jargon.
Comment from : Malcolm Lewis

there's nothing called it usually come
It is completely random. It depends are you lucky or not

Comment from : theGoldenboy111111

Degan Guinn
Is this the as Texas hold'em?
Comment from : Degan Guinn

Mac MashPotato
I need a good strat to use against players that go all in before the flop every hand.
Comment from : Mac MashPotato

chip block
Why did you talk about AA and KK?
Comment from : chip block

Matej Hantabál
I played a game with my friends and got 2 aces the first round 👌🏻
Comment from : Matej Hantabál

Im not a pro. But im almost every time play with these kind of cards.
Comment from : Dsimic

Vyvy Hoang
Oh it’s this guy again.
Comment from : Vyvy Hoang

Johann Samurschen
Bro why not go by nick brancato. Lmao
Comment from : Johann Samurschen

kovu amiin
In conclusion, every hand is good if you are good
Comment from : kovu amiin

Afonso de Albuquerque
But every professional gambler knows that ten-deuce is the absolute best starting hand
Comment from : Afonso de Albuquerque

Comment from : LELAND LEE

Ant Nee
ACE-KING = Anna Kournikova, looks GREAT but never WINS...
Comment from : Ant Nee

Middle card connectors (cards 7 to J suited) are a great starting hand. High enough to make a five card hand and low enough for opponents to not suspect you have a hand.
Comment from : jherrenor

not that helpful tbh. Connectors aren't good, because there's just too small of a chance that you'll get a straight, low cards like 22 can't be considered as a great combination (but at least it is one, connector isn't a combination), because most likely someone's gonna get a higher combination, like, you're gonna win over a high card, but you shouldn't hope too much. Though, you shouldn't go tank mode either, others will suspect that you have a good combination if you fold most of the time and raise only on cards like KK. Though, low pairs are usually still better than high random cards, like A9 etc. so best is to try to get a pair if you can or hope that there's a good flop on the table that might give you advantage
Comment from : Martin

Every hands a winner every hands a loser .... no good hand or bad .... all about the player
Comment from : TheOnlineAthlete

Is royal flush good? or Bad
Comment from : れも

Leo Tsoi
Best hand: AK47
Comment from : Leo Tsoi

1,000,000 subs 0 videos challenge
Folding Q4 then flopping a full house
Comment from : 1,000,000 subs 0 videos challenge

Comment from : DAW PAWN SHOP

my ears hurt
Comment from : anasatzie

How is a pocket pair of 2's good hole cards? I am referring to this chart on the link. www.bettingexpert.com/poker/guide/texas-holdem-strategy
Comment from : injanhoi1

Jack Middleton
If you are unable to get any read on anyone and you just have to pay the blind what is the worst hand you should play with?
Comment from : Jack Middleton

claudiu ilie
8-9 best hand
Comment from : claudiu ilie

Charles Sandomenico
Comment from : Charles Sandomenico

J OConnell
This video is pointless. Ultimately there IS no "best starting hand" because you still have 5 cards to come on the table so it's basically all about luck. More often than not the winning hand is made with just one card in your pocket, I've seen hands won with a 2. Poker...played with real money...is all about acting. On-line poker with free chips is basically a joke because idiots will play ANY 2 cards.
Comment from : J OConnell

Adam Crawford
I think that deck is rigged
Comment from : Adam Crawford

Lee McDaid - Guitar
2:52 Synergy?...

Huckster alert.

Comment from : Lee McDaid - Guitar

tony wang
how's 7-4s a good starting hand.
Comment from : tony wang

Richard Kocksworthy
Glad you left out all the important info. Whew!
Comment from : Richard Kocksworthy

matti tuononen
At Pokerstars, they all lose time after time.
Comment from : matti tuononen

I can across a good compilation of videos that should help you at Card Crusher Fixer
Comment from : lamfilipos

Mehmood Shah
Comment from : Mehmood Shah

arnastu buttwehak
"You only get dealt one of these hands 4.7% of the time. That's about once every other round if there are ten people at the table" is an odd way of putting it. You don't get dealt it, someone at the table gets dealt it.
Comment from : arnastu buttwehak

Artie the Swolest Man in the World
off-suit deuce seven FTW
Comment from : Artie the Swolest Man in the World

Chris Xerg
In reality I lost with AA
Comment from : Chris Xerg

xNando1206 G
Off suit 2 and 9 “All in”
Comment from : xNando1206 G

"Deeper your stack get better these other hands play" and 22 he shows, yeah plz play 22 out of position vs a raise with 300 BB.
Comment from : kankasin

Grand Margiela
I tend to always play even the small hands. I’m really comfortable at playing them, the likes of 5 and 7, 7 and 9, 2 and 4
Comment from : Grand Margiela

vivek gupta
lol now a days people playing with any hand and win when i play online i always pray to god and win .
if u want to win in poker change u r religion.

Comment from : vivek gupta

Omar Serrano
Comment from : Omar Serrano

Khoa Tran
In cash games, mostly AQ or AJ, are trash, pocket 10 or JJ are danger in early positions.
Comment from : Khoa Tran

Viclaywwe - Ps4
I'm honestly surprised with A 6 suited being a good playing hand. It's about the worst kicker possible in terms of two cards involving an ace that you can't make a straight out of using your two cards and a sequential board. Also when you run into another pair of Aces they'll generally have better value and a better chance of winning as they'll be A 2 3 4 or even 5 and A 10 J Q K. I'd consider 9 8 7 6 with an ace as almost a rag hand which I'd only play if the betting sequence and the overall make-up of the pot gave me value or I was small or big blind.

How often does a 6 kick? Not often. Obviously a board of 2 3 4 5, 3 4 5 7 and so on would be needed for a 6 high straight.

Comment from : Viclaywwe - Ps4

Alam Sekh
alam san
Comment from : Alam Sekh

Ikenasio Tuagalu
I always try to see any cards I’m dealt to the flop, because it’s a game of chance. Unless someone raises to damn high or goes all in pre flop, just see it through
Comment from : Ikenasio Tuagalu

Racka Gack
I had pocket aces, and my sister had pocket twos, we both went all in. And on the flop, there was an A, and two 2's. Then the turn and river were two kings.

We no longer speak to each other😂😂

Comment from : Racka Gack

Bill Belichick
I hate small pairs. I throw them in sometimes and it seems to work out good
Comment from : Bill Belichick

jig 82
Love how everyone's a poker expert in the comment section on every poker vid lol 😂😂

Yet sitting at home broke, lonely, and desperate for validation. foh!

Comment from : jig 82

da ne
Comment from : da ne

da ne
hold on a soup hand .
Comment from : da ne

Ritesh Panwar
Bhosdi wala
Comment from : Ritesh Panwar

Jack Ripper
Get a hearing aid you are obviously partially deaf !
Comment from : Jack Ripper

Nice basic tutorial
Comment from : BestPokerCoaching

You contradict some hands to the worst starting hands video. I’m still pretty confused
Comment from : VarunShj

Overlord Ghs
just remember guys don't hit above 17
Comment from : Overlord Ghs

G LasLast
poker for idiots tutorial
Comment from : G LasLast

Dan Armstrong
I watched a video yesterday that said suited non connectors are way over rated and should always be folded...
Comment from : Dan Armstrong

Too Wun
Go FISH! 👍😂👍
Comment from : Too Wun

Şevki Martin
how many times did he say tremendous?
Comment from : Şevki Martin

Şevki Martin
how many times did he say tremendous?
Comment from : Şevki Martin

johnathen callahan
what about two jacks
Comment from : johnathen callahan

luke mcleod
J9 baby!
Comment from : luke mcleod

ian sveinson
Try helmuth play poker like the pros.
Comment from : ian sveinson

Anouk Kadijk
it also depends on how many people are playing at the table right?
Comment from : Anouk Kadijk

Seyfo Kilic
Top 10 starting Hands mathematically proven: AA, KK, QQ, JJ, AKs, AKo, AQs, AJs, KQs and TT(pair of 10s)
Comment from : Seyfo Kilic

Notle Wisz
Can we all just take a minute to appreciate the fact this guy calls himself 'Nicky numbers' 🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Notle Wisz

1.3B • Views
Is it just me or is poker making a comeback? I remember as a kid I would be on ESPN for hours. Now that I'm an adult who started playing online I think live play is better. It's much harder to get wrecked by some fish.
Comment from : 1.3B • Views

Kyle Dec.
Nicky numbers? Pfft... GTFOH clown
Comment from : Kyle Dec.

Kyle Dec.
Ok, who the f@#k is this guy, and what makes him a professional poker player? I always here pple callin themselves pro, just becuz u play for a living doesnt make u pro loser
Comment from : Kyle Dec.

Agelos M
not in real world
Comment from : Agelos M

Dodger Kerensky
Uhm, no?
You say "AK flops top pair 30 % of the time."
But that's just not right.
Assuming you're not holding a pair you will make at least a pair roughly 22.4 % of the time.
That's not 30 %.

Comment from : Dodger Kerensky

After watching this video I am now ready to take on the high stakes games. Bring your money pussys!
Comment from : MulliganGambler

AK flops top pair 30% of the time ? Really ? So theres 9 different cards ?
Comment from : BigPaaryna

Philip Scott
how to get a royal flush?
Comment from : Philip Scott

Damien Jackson
The top hands:

Hands that I would happily shove with early game:
1. A pair of Aces-I always raise with it pre flop, and would easily go all in with this hand at any time if I had to do so.
2. King-King-It's an easy hand to raise.
3. A pair of queens-I would always raise with it.

Hands that I would always try to raise, and would only fold in extreme circumstances (like three people shoving while the blinds are low):
4. Ace-King
5. A pair of Jacks
6. Ace-Queen
7. A pair of tens
8. Ace-Jack

Hands that I would raise if it's folded/called to me, or if there's a weak raise:
9. King-Queen
10. King-Jack or Ace-Ten
11. King-Ten-It's an underrated hand, along with King-Jack.

With Ace-King, you are only going to be dominated pre flop by Ace-Ace and King-King (to a lesser extent). You can flop a straight, and you are going to be 50-50 against any pair. You can also will have the nuts if nobody else has a pair, so it's a dominant hand to have. Hands to shove with if you're low on chips, with you nearly being all-in from the blinds:

Any Ace-You're likel.
Any King (even if it's King-Two)
Any pair (even 2s)

Comment from : Damien Jackson

x Logicalz x
Nickynumbers........ wow.....
Comment from : x Logicalz x

Eduardo Gutierrez
Why is a flush rated higher than a straight? I mean it's way easier to get a flush than it is to get a straight right? Am I missing something?
Comment from : Eduardo Gutierrez

Justin qwerty
AA and KK no good???
Comment from : Justin qwerty

George Christou
great video. very helpful with my game. i do pretty good. normally in the bubble on final table but hard to dominate most times
Comment from : George Christou

west ham boy
AQ hits top pair regularly more than AK how you work that 1 out
Comment from : west ham boy

Any hand (and I mean any hand) is playable under the right circumstances. The key is knowing which circumstances.
Comment from : Nino

Wee Vic
It's nice to get some valuable information for a change. Thanks
Comment from : Wee Vic

I didn't know joe Pesci played poker
Comment from : JC ISKING

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