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Nishant Sharma
with an AK maniac would have shoved right down to your throat untill you choked on it
Comment from : Nishant Sharma

Nishant Sharma
Do you even know how the maniac actually plays ? Or u trying to bluff your audience ?
Comment from : Nishant Sharma

Yavar Barkhordari
I loved this video. Unlike many other vids in which they show only the hands they won using the strategy they're trying to explain, he's showing a hand where HE LOST FOR MAKING THE CORRECT DECISION. Perfect! This is what shows maturity. A maniac/fish/gambler calls regardless. It's not important we lose such hands. Long run considerations.
Comment from : Yavar Barkhordari

Bob 357
???? I don't understand...1. Why would you say he has a best hand with single pair of Q? 2. Why you are suggesting going all-in on river? 3. Why you would discount concerns about his having an ace, which would clearly dominate? Or other dominating hands like any pair that could make a set? Or 2 hidden pairs? Or river could bring a straight to bear. Seems all of those could be a real possibility. A pair of Qs is far from having a strong enough hand to shove at this point in my humble opinion. I've seen this similar scenario work out just the ways I have mentioned concerns about many times. Seems the probabilities of winning with a single pair are just not present. Forget the pot odds, if hero shoves and any of the other possibilities pans out, like it does, he would lose an entire stack over a very weak gamble. Is that good poker? Is that a mathematically sound approach? I just don't see your logic. A convincing explanation would be very welcome.
Comment from : Bob 357

James Teed
#1 mistake in poker is to let a donkey make it to the river. Stop slow playing made hands. Should have shoved on the flop.
Comment from : James Teed

Villain is not a maniac, but a passive fish. Turn bet is an obvious blocker bet that is looking to draw or get to the river as cheaply as possible. If you have a vulnerable hand like here ship it, and don't give him a chance to give up on the river. If you have a hand like 99 call and give him a chance to improve or bluff off the rest of his stack.
Comment from : Mitjitsu

Alec Arguello
Who's this guy
Comment from : Alec Arguello

Genius by Design
NO that was stupid. My opinion
Comment from : Genius by Design

Travis Free
I just say All in every time..... I've done alright for myself this month.
Comment from : Travis Free

Joe Cox
Or pocket fives...
Comment from : Joe Cox

mike schafer
Mann.. I feel like I'm so used to getting beat by KK and AA that I'd be sooo hesitant to call an all in on the turn, how is that possibly a snapcall?
Comment from : mike schafer

Tom Ramirez
fuck this video
Comment from : Tom Ramirez

peeyush agarwal
So, "how to play against maniacs"???
Instead of explaining this, you just showed a ~useless hand.

Comment from : peeyush agarwal

Nicolas Alfredo Sarracino Abalos
there´s too many draws that he could complete on the river, I would have tried to stop him on the turn with a shove or something like that
Comment from : Nicolas Alfredo Sarracino Abalos

That was a weird gamble by utg1. His bet on the turn only made sense to me if he hit his trip 5s and was trying to trap the opponent. Due to the 21$ bet on the flop it wouldnt seem wrong I think. But as it is, it looks like he was just to unexperienced of a player (or maybe he was salty or whatever reason) to let go of AK and just got super lucky at the end.
Comment from : Greenalex89

We Love Libraries
Weird title - villain is NOT a maniac
Comment from : We Love Libraries

Silver Hunter
wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much poker splaining. just get to the point and stop trying to analyze every possible situation because in the end you didnt even have an idea of what he had anyway so all that talk was for nothing
Comment from : Silver Hunter

Ferdinand Quiled
He should have shove all-in after flop!
Comment from : Ferdinand Quiled

He should raised all in after the flop and the other weak player with the Ace would have folded
Comment from : Superutubeking

Dan Nugent
If he jams he gives the other guy terrible odds at a A or K so he has any brain he folds
Comment from : Dan Nugent

Mihai Brezeanu
this is what happens to me, like.. a high percentage of time. I bet on all streets, idiots pay and get saved by the river.
Comment from : Mihai Brezeanu

George Minton
My logic would be if I think the raise is too big for me to lose that much money I can fold without a possibility to put my stack at a disadvantage. If you have chips you can always come back. If you blow your chips you can't bet anymore. I would rather lose a hand and wait for a better hand when I feel that my cards are so strong that I can't help but win. I would rather lose with trip 3's (222) than lose with two pair. I am more likely to throw it all in there than with a weak pair.
Comment from : George Minton

Harold Clark
Villain smooth-calls a preflop raise with AK and you call him a maniac? Any self-respecting maniac would have 3-bet huge...Villain was not a maniac, title of video is misleading...
Comment from : Harold Clark

Charlie Abbot
Sooooooo basically, you have no or very little idea what your opponents have? It took 8 minutes to say, mmmmaaayyybe!
Comment from : Charlie Abbot

Greg Colin
Great starting hand but not if you don't make a flush draw or pairs. I would have limped. I would have bet the pot bet with just a pair of Q's and there is a flush draw that I would want to kick out. I would have bet the pot again on the turn. The all in if he held out till the river would now concern me but I probably wouldn't let it get to that. This all being said I try and write my response before we get to the end as I see each step.
Comment from : Greg Colin

CC Smooth
The $25 bet by the villain on the turn to many players looks weird but it was simply an attempt by them to dictate the price of seeing the next card. Which the Hero obliged. That typically happens when the villain knows the hero will bet the turn but theyre trying to peel off without having to go all in. You have to shove to the $25 bet on the turn. Just calling allows the draw to see the next card at their price. Not good.
Comment from : CC Smooth

chris winowich
Yep this is why playing aggressively is better, force folds.
Comment from : chris winowich

jom_ aca
The 25$ bet was not weird. I'd put it on a play or probably a tell that is called a blocker bet. the villains strategy of wanting to see the river card. In identifying this situation the turn should be bet large. Many times villain has cards higher than the queen AK in this instance, a six outer twice.
Comment from : jom_ aca

Detroit Poker
Nice hand review dude!

I literally lol when I saw villain's hand at the end! Ha ha ha ha.

Thanks for taking the time to explain the thought process!

Comment from : Detroit Poker

jerry johnson
Thank you for helping me with my poker game! In between rolls right now so off table training it is! Can't wait to play with you!
Comment from : jerry johnson

Gigi Bubblegum
With what was on the table, I would have made him go all in.. But I have a feeling he would have called it and it would have been a bigger loss. So .. You did alright Gareth 😊
Comment from : Gigi Bubblegum

Kyle Patton
Can’t put people on ranges if they are just any two cards. You just have to play your hands
Comment from : Kyle Patton

Eine Coca Zero ohne Aspartam bitte
omg dont play this hand with your low bets...just bet every turn 70% of Pot
Comment from : Eine Coca Zero ohne Aspartam bitte

Dont get confused by people making undersized bets or blocker bets, as they are also called. They are almost always just trying to see the next card cheaply or get to a cheap showdown with a marginal hand. And you dont want to let them get away with that. You want to remain in control of the hand and force them to play it on your terms and not their own.

In this case a turn raise would have been a shove, and that would have been totally fine for the reasons, Alec talk about in the video. We flopped top pair decent kicker in a shallow 2,5 SPR pot against the main Villian, so right from the get-go our plan is to get it in, and there was no reason to turn it into a 3 street game, when there was only a bit more than a pot sized bet left on the turn.

Comment from : fundiver198

....all these MANIACS!

Plays AK passively

Comment from : AndrewFraancis

steve Marvin
can us players play on 888 poker?
Comment from : steve Marvin

Hey alex I got a question. I have good instincts when it comes to what hands the other players may have, but I still decide to make the bad play and end up wasting my bank roll. what can i do to stop making the bad plays when i know they are bad but think "what the helll i will go for it anyways." how do i get the discipline to stop it.
Comment from : NeoBandit

How many buy ins needed to play 1/3 or 2/5 pro? Monthly expenses total $1200, how big of a bankroll is needed?
Comment from : FLORIDA MAN

Art Shinn
Will you be on Live at the Bike again? Look forward to watching you play live again.
Comment from : Art Shinn

Shove the turn and take the pot and be less tilted for later spots in that game
Comment from : stkfr

You Bet Your Life Jeff Walker
P.S. I asked this question before I saw the river.
Comment from : You Bet Your Life Jeff Walker

You Bet Your Life Jeff Walker
Alex it's really funny how, as you get more experienced games, people make more ABC decisions. I was watching the video at the turn and you mentioned you're going all in no matter what. I immediately thought to ask you, are you still going in if an A comes up? This is where I normally slow down because players with less experience, or maniacs, have huge ranges because if loose play. I don't see at all why a maniac wouldn't bet in the come with an A 10 holding. I wouldn't immediately think bluff, and often, I get fucked on the river if it's an overcard. Am I being too cautious? Also, I tend to slow down and often even fold once 3 suits or a paired board come up. Should I stay in more hands?? Ie, am I giving these situations too much power?? Thx!!!!
Comment from : You Bet Your Life Jeff Walker

David Johnson
Ugh. The more I look at it the more I wantt o vomit. Yes, this might have something to do with all the bourbon I ingested, but it is also the fact that AQ did not improve on the river. Yes, AQ is now beating Q9 - but that is it. Every other combo that AQ is ahead of on the river it was also ahead of on the flop and turn. I mean, how many combos of Q-4, Q-5, and 5-4 make it to the turn here? And so cheap! I would expect a shove by a player running one of those hands on the flop, honestly. And Q9 would probably shove on the flop as well, it was getting a decent price and was a head of most of the hands that would call/continue - including my KK trapper.
Comment from : David Johnson

David Johnson
So drunk right now, I need more poker hands to remind me why I only play sober. Nice vid Alec! :D
Comment from : David Johnson

David Johnson
Okay, so on the river Hell's Angels are gone and so are our angels... well, shit. Any bet by the villain into my Q is probably getting paid since I should not have many Q's here. The Q's I do have are pretty good, in this case QJ but really QJ and QK is the same for all intents and purposes. So the villain is saying he has two pair or better - maybe AQ. So this is a spot where image is everything and will determine how I proceed. Honestly, as played, I could have one specific KK combo here so AQ should not feel that safe and I would expect a check. However, being a short stack, a shove is not out of line - he is risking $75 to win $215, so any pair he has can shove here. Well, crap. Guess I have to call it off here. I am losing to alot of combos since I decided to play QJ in this spot, but I am beating Q-10 which would be a big part of the range I expect to encounter (about 20%), and I if my opponent made a mistake with Q8 or less I am killing them. Q9 just gets paid - as I said, i could have KK here so my opponent can't be that comfortable with any pair, but he is also shoving with most of them, Any Q, any 8, and any 4 that makes it to the river shoves for this price, unfortunately. He knows he is beat by my range, if he is even paying attention to my range, but he also knows only a river bet might win him the pot. This is why I am such a nit with my preflop range so that when I get hammered in these spots with a shove it is easier to make a decision.
Comment from : David Johnson

Would love to attend/apply for the LA Course but with such short notice I don't even want to think how expensive flights would be from the UK haha!
Comment from : MaidenJoel

Steve Ronsen
hmmm. I would assume he had AQ and fold the river... but I keep running into to low end set over set river card these days. .would love a video on that.. thx
Comment from : Steve Ronsen

David Johnson
Aww... after this board any bet at by the villain is a value bluff. Heck, I call with any Q but I pay ALL other combos. You want to know how to play this spot it is all about having a plan before the flop - I have a plan before every flop. Sometimes it is a good plan and sometimes it is terrible, but when they call me out for my place in hell they will call my name and I will be able to bluff the first of them. The last of them, I will out play them and so all of hell's angels will miss me. That is how I approach the game. That is how I approach life - to my loss, because their is a special part of life I will always miss yet never suffer from.
Comment from : David Johnson

David Johnson
I sadly never have 55 on this board.... I cannot. Not possible. So I must have something else I will represent. Maybe 7-8... no... AJ, AKs.... AQ is a good decision. I am not a crazy fool I know what I am up to.
Comment from : David Johnson

David Johnson
I disguise my pure value bets by hiding them behind pure bluffs, so all my bets on the turn after giving a free card (which appears strong) will pay money. Even when I lose I must make something - there will be value in the long run.
Comment from : David Johnson

David Johnson
The Idea is they will face you on the turn and you will either lead out or you will check/raise. This is paramount. You must make them fear you on the turn. If you lead out it is because you already beat them, and if you check raise its because you either already beat or you could.
Comment from : David Johnson

David Johnson
All you people, what if I could add QQ to my range here... lol As anyone -if I could add that range it would change everything. And so I added QQ to my range in all games from here on - but not always as a reraise; sometimes you must add QQ as a trap. I also added AA and KK by the same standard. I have security against better opponents as a result. They know. Or they do not, and they will pay me.
Comment from : David Johnson

David Johnson
Let a pro challenge me but my range in every place is accurate - only my aggression is subject to question so let Doug Polk be damned. Sometimes you must limp, and that limp is the same as a raise to your more perceptive opponents. For those that do not see let them be damned. Because I will not be.I will win.
Comment from : David Johnson

David Johnson
BOOM! The bluff, even if the Hero does not see it as a bluff! - It must win so it must equal ALL of our value bets combined. Easy to figure out, and I won't make things to easy for our readers because I do not give a crap when I am wrong.
Comment from : David Johnson

David Johnson
As Alec explains, the Hero hand is to good to fold - the Hero will pay 100% of the time here. This is vital because there are a few bluffs on the river I have that do not include 99 - and that move is coming. Q-x is NO GOOD! I must have 9-9 and I played it tricky, because that is a possibility. More likely is that I killed a lot of local fish with a sonar drop of 10-10 and you don't have anything like Q9 and I will pay you off because WHO BETS SECOND PAIR HERE!!!!
Comment from : David Johnson

David Johnson
The Turn Bet means I want to deny a draw and rep I had a hand that feared a draw - I know it is complicated. But not so much for Alec. He should Zero In on this right off the bat. Be ready to see nuclear fallout on this hand.....
Comment from : David Johnson

David Johnson
Alec thinks the flop action is 'weird' but if he thinks it out he will see it is pretty much a pro move. I for example, as an amateur, call here with almost every hand I have from the nuts to a draw. Maybe I raise with a hand that has *no chance*.
Comment from : David Johnson

David Johnson
Yes, if I have 9-9 here I cannot go crazy because of the AKs draw... but that is a real limited situation and I beat that draw so we need to raise it up.... but I need to protect those hands I dont have AKs...that means I need to average things out and we just get a check/call here - the same as if I had 99. So my 99 protects my good flush draws for the river raise.
Comment from : David Johnson

David Johnson
My 4-4 hands just hit the absolute nuts ( I do not fear an overset because I am crazy like that) but more importantly my combos hit their draws. However, to protect the value bets of by sets I will always check here. 100% of the time. So my opponents can never know what they face on the turn - because that is where I am known to make my most polarizing moves.
Comment from : David Johnson

David Johnson
In the SB I Call with a wide range.... I raise with 77+ so if I do not raise and the Ground Zero hits our opponent I can safely fold to any bet.
Comment from : David Johnson

David Johnson
Zero-Range for Us includes anything if we have been CRAZY - probably less if we have not. I Look for fear, and fear is a good measure of value, so I pay off the nuts. That being said, it is probable the nuts of JJ+ are NOT present here. So rule out all those hand for our opponent's Ground Zero.
Comment from : David Johnson

David Johnson
All bluffs have to made in a way that they fall in the middle of your value range, in my opinion. That is to say if I could have a hand that includes Q-10 all the way to QQ, I would want to value bet/bluff with AQ/KQ and get value from QJ/Q/10.... so my opponents know if they want to run over me they need the right texture because otherwise I am gonna kill them.

Yeah, I get crushed by QQ sometimes, but I also get value from KK when I do have QQ, and sometimes even AQ when a str8 manifests. The most important point is my opponent can not put me on a specific hand. They can put me on a range all day - that is what I am counting on, but I must avoid them putting me on my actual hand.

In all hands I involved in I need to feel my opponent cannot narrow down my range between two extremes, bluff or nuts. At all times this is paramount. All my bets are based on this, from all positions in position and out of position. We always have to have the nuts. Remember that as we go through this hand.

Okay, so lets see the hand when I am Zero-Ranging the hand :D (where the Zero-Range is the probable middle of the villain's range!); because this Zero-Range will make sense later when we make a crazy Hero Call or Hero Fold. We want to find the Ground Zero of their hand and then expand out from their to find the hands we are most likely facing.

Best part is - for those real nut jobs out there - you do not even need to look at your own cards at this point to make the correct decision.

Comment from : David Johnson

Ebong Eka
That Donkey villian (UTG1)....agree with Alec in that I most likely would have shoved it in on the turn or a pot sized bet after the flop. My thought is to put pressure on the player in the event he/she is chasing a draw or looking to improve their hand. I would feel somewhat confident after the flop that I had the best hand with Q-J suited.
Comment from : Ebong Eka

Jason Morman
Please ditch the "ConsciousPoker". Need to re-brand.
Comment from : Jason Morman

Zeke Bones
This is considered crazy play? He threw out a lead blocker bet on the turn and you took the bait and he got there. I was hoping to hear you speak on guys making it $30 pre in a 1-2 game constantly and ripping random flops for 100 BB
Comment from : Zeke Bones

John whelan
Couple of things I would have done differently...
Pre-flop - I would have raised slightly bigger 18 - 20, but I do like the point about the smaller raise due to the villains stack size.
Post flop - I would have bet bigger again hoping to commit the villain if they called with a draw.
Turn - In this particular spot when they raise 25 here I am jamming all day every day.
River - if I had just called the turn I am calling any river bet as they shouldn't have too many aces in this spot.

Something I am definitely taking from this to incorporate into my game is the smaller raise pre and post flop based on the villains stack.

Thanks Alec and team

Comment from : John whelan

Tudor Niculae
Good analysis.Keep it up.
Comment from : Tudor Niculae

Alex Lee
Love the commentary and the subtle format changes you’ve made. Thanks for the analysis :)
Comment from : Alex Lee

dimitrakis ladasi
why they play ak like pocket 66s????
Comment from : dimitrakis ladasi

dimitrakis ladasi
please put back your old music if possible.........
Comment from : dimitrakis ladasi

Can you record please youre coaching? I dont have any money and live in Switzerland so I cant attend your coaching in any ways...
Comment from : maroceracer

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