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Kelley Sullivan
This is the worst strategy video ever! What were you thinking by labeling this video “strategy”? Trying to get new people to subscribe? If so, it worked against you cuz I just “ unsubscribed”. I will miss your singing though. Lol
Comment from : Kelley Sullivan

Byron Liu
lmfao i love your singing
Comment from : Byron Liu

Chris Sheridan
What,exactly, is the" strategy" ?
Comment from : Chris Sheridan

Adrian Smith
What's your strategy for changing the bet, during game play?
Comment from : Adrian Smith

Nice thumbnail. You’ve got your mouth wide open like Brian Christopher ready to catch any stray cock.
Comment from : Beav

Elizabeth M
Hi SD Guy! Played your strategy today with $100.00.Walked out with$300.00 a free sh*tty campy purse (from the base points/gift at players club) and a ticket for a honey baked ham as well as a gift certificate for a free cake lol!
Comment from : Elizabeth M

Max Million
I just watched your video when you went to Grand Falls Casino in Iowa. You played that old WMS Transmissive slot Golden Hammer. Do they have any other versions of those..Zeus, Rose of Cairo? Those are my favorite and they are disappearing everywere!
Comment from : Max Million

Kelly Bults
fuck you dude.
Comment from : Kelly Bults

Smokin' K
Great job needa try that
Comment from : Smokin' K

finding the truth
Subbed an hit the bell. Also watched the video. Love watching you play!
Comment from : finding the truth

Chris Murray
You are hilarious. Keep the fun videos coming!
Comment from : Chris Murray

Justin Doss
Is all bonuses available on all machines when doing a lesser line max betting style? some have to be on on Payline to get bonus, so if not betting that line you still get bonuses on ALL machines or shall 1 be careful in what to look for doing this?
Comment from : Justin Doss

deborah perryman
Thanks for variety of games
Comment from : deborah perryman

Jim Wronski
This clown is the worst slot player. He mumbles all kinks of shit
Comment from : Jim Wronski

Carmen Troilo
Fuck Brent!!!
Comment from : Carmen Troilo

Ofusina Hunt
Love the selection of pokies played some I can’t find here at the pubs n clubs 😔 nice to see there’s other fun ones out there! Great work as usual 👌🏻
Comment from : Ofusina Hunt

Michael K
Spend your inheritance.
Break even....hopefully

Comment from : Michael K

krystal lalacita
I love your videos I'm new been watching for a week you're awesome
Comment from : krystal lalacita

Darren Kenrick
Lick my taint. lol
Comment from : Darren Kenrick

@16:10 did i just witness Geisha tell SDeezy to take a seat because he was trying to rush the bonus? Lol 🎰💰💰💰
Comment from : SLOTBOT AZ

Delisa Dunn
Golden Hammer is my favorite game win on it every time.
Comment from : Delisa Dunn

Dude your the man. I used this strategy all the time. I love hundreds. Thanks Angry Gambler 😂😂😂🚬🤪🤗
Comment from : S O U T H E R N

alvaro schor
Just a correction pumpkin. you started with 100 and left with 331 and you said " we double the money", actually, you more then triple the money .. Good luck. I love your videos
Comment from : alvaro schor

VoteWithABullet CriminallyInsane
Very interesting game play SDkitty. I truly enjoy watching you devise a new strategy jedi slot master!
Comment from : VoteWithABullet CriminallyInsane

Ala Papalagi
Good shit bro
Comment from : Ala Papalagi

Tonamon 44
Damn you!! DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL! 😉 jush jokin'
Comment from : Tonamon 44

Corey L
Comment from : Corey L

Maxime Carriere
Does he have mental issues ?
Comment from : Maxime Carriere

Dohko Libra
You starting to like grand falls casino lol,nice wins,gj,good luck.
Comment from : Dohko Libra

Is it just me, but I think you do better at the Edge. Not that falls is bad, just the Edge is better.
Comment from : ANGIE B

Loren Marozas
I love you please marry me
Comment from : Loren Marozas

gareth cobain
Other great video lad 👍 👍
Comment from : gareth cobain

Starting Over in Arizona
"I can do math n shit!" 🤣
Comment from : Starting Over in Arizona

Steve Randell
You are awesome thanks for the fun kitty
Comment from : Steve Randell

Amber Barnes
Just won 1097.10 at Prairie's Edge on buffalo gold!!!!! Hope to meet you some day.
Comment from : Amber Barnes

Cousin It
Comment from : Cousin It

Dan Olnick
"Professional gambler" doesn't know where take win button is heh
Comment from : Dan Olnick

Laura Craft
I just won the Major on the 88 Treasure .playing 176 -got it on 3rd spin woohoo 1300.00
Comment from : Laura Craft

Vegasgirl 1969
OMG OMG OMG 👈🏻😳💵💵🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Comment from : Vegasgirl 1969

bradley abel
Comment from : bradley abel

Rene Louisiana Red
Who doesn't love bacon lol... Have a great day :)
Comment from : Rene Louisiana Red

You are so freaken funny and crazy @ the same time....😆 You say a lot of things that I am thinking but won't say.
Comment from : SassEShalleeHere

does the pig always fart coins when you touch his nose or was it just because he liked the way your finger smelled?
Comment from : HepatitisAtoZ

Dr Pocot
It was great meeting you there. Made my weekend and glad to see someone left a winner. Hubby said I didn't fangirl too much. LOL
Comment from : Dr Pocot

Catastrophic 1975
That pig grunt sounds like Brent sitting on a table leg naked while playing with Barbies
Comment from : Catastrophic 1975

You should play Wonka!
Comment from : Wario9989

Darin Carlin
Is Golden Hammer a Golden Plunger clone?
Comment from : Darin Carlin

Catastrophic 1975
Angry gambler will fuck you up horse. BWAHAHAHA
Comment from : Catastrophic 1975

Big B's Slot Channel
You got some mad skills SD!
Ring a ding ding so much money to win!!🍀

Comment from : Big B's Slot Channel

Pamela Holliday
We played less lines max bet on Black Knight the other day. My husband was playing 0.50 (5 lines x max bet). He got the bonus and all wilds locked. I think he won about
$150 on the bonus. I told him we were being smarter gamblers and SDGuy would be proud. I wish we would have recorded it, I would have sent it to you. Anyway, love your videos!

Comment from : Pamela Holliday

Cassidy Bruyere
Ugh I just wanna gamble with you :(
Comment from : Cassidy Bruyere

Tim F
Please make a video of your 5 favorite machines and 5 hated machines.
Comment from : Tim F

i del
Your are hilarious..love your videos 😹
Comment from : i del

You do have skills for days!
Comment from : Connie

Awesome wins! Trying your method tonight. Wish me luck🤑
Comment from : Jennica

Dawn C
Luvz ya kitty
Comment from : Dawn C

Kathey Charalambous
Great video! 👍🤑😁
Comment from : Kathey Charalambous

sharon e
Great video. To much fun
Comment from : sharon e

Larin Wheeler
First comment huntyyy. Pin this for my reward. Haha jk
Comment from : Larin Wheeler

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