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Kramer Poker
Can i still use the concepts discussed here in 2019?
Comment from : Kramer Poker

I could easily bluff on the turn and the river
Comment from : Beanmachine91

What does the plus sign mean
Comment from : Theonlybiiz

Nate Punzalan
"get the potheads up"
Comment from : Nate Punzalan

this might be the shortest poker video on yt
Comment from : Daan

jermaine pearson
I've hit tons of sets on the flop. but I realize that you what to be careful if they come on a board with a flush draw, and a calling machine chasing his flush.
Comment from : jermaine pearson

jermaine pearson
awesome video man thank you. you're really shedding light on some poker concepts for me. I'm less than a year in playing and from videos like this I realize that I have a lot to learn, and on the flip side I've been winning my fair share of tournaments. in the last 5 nights, I've won 3 of 5 and placed 7th in one because I was card dead. it's your videos and others like it that has helped me out so much. I watch them over and over until I get it... thanks a million
Comment from : jermaine pearson

Love your vids.
Comment from : happentodie

Preetam Halibandi
sit and goes are my favorite, you can start with a no deposit bonus to reduce your risk. you can get 5 pounds from this poker site go here POK22.COM And as she looked at the pool she saw the waters gather up into a column, rushing up foaming and standing there before her startled eyes, and turn into the form of a man. Not a man, a god
Comment from : Preetam Halibandi

Comment from : willfahmy1

@swthhcd im trying to build my bankroll, you should get started with a no deposit bonus. you can get $8 to play no need to deposit any money here >> bit.ly/10P60L1?=qrjczn
Comment from : KingPrawn

William Chen
love your vids dogg. I can tell you're a smart guy, but even more so a very natural teacher. Especially for someone like me who's played since high school, and understands everything, but needs help putting it all together. Keep it up!!
Comment from : William Chen

David Brent
hope to seem more what?
Comment from : David Brent

Comment from : codeMiele

good tips, but very slow through transitions!
Comment from : bongjnr

Comment from : craytoss12

Dan Campbell Guitar
Great vids, hope to seem more.
Comment from : Dan Campbell Guitar

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