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Brandon Toy
Holy crap that music sucks. Did you get it from a corporate training video?
Comment from : Brandon Toy

John HBG
Block bet the river with a small sizing
Comment from : John HBG

1UpGuy Gaming
What if he had pocket queens..... That was one of the Rangers I put them on pre-flop if you think he’s got a scissor kings he could’ve had Queen’s also. Obviously if he did he probably would’ve reraise the flop. The 6s Would’ve had a hard time folding that....
Comment from : 1UpGuy Gaming

What poker app are they using?
Comment from : mishawdy

J Barry
should have just played ABC poker. Check the flop and let him bet, when he does, you re-raise him a sizeable amount. The hand would have been over immediately. You would have won a small, decent pot, not loose everything.
Comment from : J Barry

I havent seen the river showdown yet, so I dont know what happens.
...but here is how I see the hand so far.
The "key" is the queen.
...because the queen is top pair on the flop AND included in the (clubs) flush, then anyone holding top pair on the flop CANNOT have a flush. Make sense? ....because they would have to be holding a non-club queen to have top pair on the flop. So, any held queen has missed the flush.
Since its pretty safe to assume that the villain isnt holding a 6, then the question is... What are they actually holding that they are investing chips in?
If they are holding something like AQ, they are afraid of the flush, because even the A of clubs has missed and Qc is on the board. Any other big pair like AA or KK is in the same situation. They are wary of the flush because they have missed.
So, the hands that come to mind that this villain could be holding that give us headaches are QQ giving them a higher set. AK clubs which gives them the nut flush along with any club suited Ace. There is also any other club suited hand like KJ or KT clubs that they may play pre.
Bottom line is that we beat all over-pairs and all big aces except for AK-AJ clubs.
There is also the broadway straight, but as I see it the flush board will slow down the action considerably. Unless I was holding the nut flush or close to it, I would actually fold broadway on that board against a shove.

Comment from : IPushHard

This music is no bueno.......I feel like im watching undercover boss
Comment from : makenosence123

Donkish play John lol
Comment from : Shay

Sorry about the hand. A strong 3-bet on the flop could’ve gotten you the pot.
Comment from : Noondroid

Jakob Hartley
The guy could’ve also flopped queens full. Raising $45 preflop with queens is highly possible
Comment from : Jakob Hartley

He had <5% chance of getting that. Bad luck all about.
Comment from : Iorek

You should read super system 2
Comment from : Beanmachine91

dan krocka
Standard play on turn is to check? No. John played it perfectly. His only mistake was not pushing on the turn. There are a lot of ways to play poker, but winning small pots instead of losing big ones is a great place to start. You really gonna call 800 on an 800 pot with 8-11 outs, or maybe just 2? Do it again over and over when u play me
Comment from : dan krocka

Should of over shoved at the flop, never let the other guy draw
Comment from : JustOddy

Matt Goodwin
Good breakdown. That river bet was god damn awful
Comment from : Matt Goodwin

Midou Jouli
hey ,if anyone else wants to uncover poker secrets revealed try Jaffacter Poker Secrets Coach (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my mate got excellent success with it.
Comment from : Midou Jouli

Steve Austin
Talks too quick
Comment from : Steve Austin

ricky boo
Biggest mistake was the all-in on the river. We can criticize him all day about how he misplayed the flop/turn but if villain is calling $75 w/ king high on flop, its gonna be hard to get him off his open-ended on the turn. As for river, very hard to put him on JK with that flat call on the flop, but I would have been more concerned with a hand like AK clubs. Only a hand better than trip 6s is calling that river, AA or KK is definitely betting that turn, and QQ is def still possible
Comment from : ricky boo

Gigi Bubblegum
I must attract overly aggressive opponents, or else I just look like a dumb blonde with no idea... they just want to over bet me on massive scales, at every turn...even when I know I have a really strong hand, early in, without working them out, I end up folding more than I should probably.. all in when I've just sat on the table...so risky... 😒🔫 my thinking is, if I'm at the table, I've always got more chances..No options if you're out?
Comment from : Gigi Bubblegum

i listen to KMFDM when playing, why do so many people lack creativity?!
Comment from : Beanmachine91

prerit kumar
Just lost $250 to an ace high flush with my king high flush so watching videos on how to improve.. but would you fold a king high flush?
Comment from : prerit kumar

Jose Lopez
Two donks with online suck out at the river. That’s why I only play live.
Comment from : Jose Lopez

EL Donjuan
torrelli dies on the dancefloor against the reallly good playersquick....why should we listen to his strategy..i guess he finds a circuit that he ca win in... i dont know which or how...hes not really some one u can listen2
Comment from : EL Donjuan

Petur Buchvarov
Good job Alex ,but too much stupid music and vlqvlqbqlqvlq keep the good work
Comment from : Petur Buchvarov

Alan Lloyd
Chess is a true skill game. Poker is far from a skill game.
Comment from : Alan Lloyd

Alan Lloyd
Ranges don't mean anything against amateurs because they are erratic, and they also don't apply when your opponent is using range analysis to bluff you. The fact is that poker is mostly just luck. He who draws best wins. If it weren't so, then the same person would win the main event every year, but we know it's a different person every year. This means by definition that it's luck.
Comment from : Alan Lloyd

Biff Lowman
shit background music, yo. no joke!
Comment from : Biff Lowman

it was a jokerstars hand they always get there on the river. jam it on the flop or you lose every time.
Comment from : volcommerce

Gary Woodgate
It's hard to put villain on KJ off because who raises $45 out of position with junk like that.
Comment from : Gary Woodgate

steve bell
This whole hand seems like bullshit. KJ off raises after flop when flat caller leads into him. no chance. Then when turn comes he checks more bullshit.
Comment from : steve bell

Jaden Silva
bro kill the 1980s soft core porn music in the back round....fucking up the video.
Comment from : Jaden Silva

Marc Carter
Hi Alec,
Good video. Would also love to see a video about playing range when you don't have it. I often hear high level players talk about, how their range could have the six (maybe they have something like 78, or J10, or something). Would like to hear if where that logic makes sense. If of course it's more than the basic logic of 'i called PF, didn't reraise, so 67 is completely possible.'

Comment from : Marc Carter

Milton Amarante
Dude the comments are so tough. John, thanks for sending the hand in. You guys act like you never misplayed a hand plus these hands are in a vacuum. Everyone wants to be a troll, when it's safe to say most are probably way worse. Quick statistics class will help you guys confirm this. lol Anyways..Yes, agreed that folding is best & 3 betting is decent but the villian did show up with KJo. Do you really want to 3 bet 67s a lot against this guy. Hes almost never folding & you have to really be able to read well post flop as for most in the lower levels this is just ballooning the pot & burning money.
Comment from : Milton Amarante

Justin Schwartz
The reason why I play live poker is to use the emotive and historical cues that will give you a clearer representation of what's going on. This is a bad example of how to play because yes if someone raises big preflop with mediocrity and someone calls with garbage, hits trips then the bluffer hits runner runner... Analyze this strange scenario all you want, don't base your playing style on anecdotal/extremely low percentage circumstances. I've been a winning poker player for 20 yrs. by not letting these statistically insignificant circumstances affect my game.
People at the table make strange nonsensical plays all the time, sometimes you'll get burned mostly you'll just end up taking all of their money.

Comment from : Justin Schwartz

Busto Robusto
Man. This guy opened early position with KJo to 4.5x the straddle, the other guy calls out of position with 76s with no other money/players in the pot. These guys need to work on their preflop game before anything else. The KJ open I guess can be just boredom and attacking the straddle but the call from hero pre is really bad for a lot of reasons
Comment from : Busto Robusto

fadi azzam
John got stacked hahahahaha
Comment from : fadi azzam

Juan Carlos Meza
Damn john, he put them nuts right in your mouth. if you know what I mean. holy shit.
Comment from : Juan Carlos Meza

No Comps
what a tool job
Comment from : No Comps

Both players were terrible in my eyes
Comment from : swanseaboy1988

Felipe Moses
Poker coaches dont really want to help you. THEY JUST WANT UR $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.
Comment from : Felipe Moses

The turn was Johns clue to go big on the bet sizing... it brought straight and flush potential for the river.
Comment from : Kurtiskurtical

Juan Manuel Rodriguez Vega
If you put him in AA or KK let him bet. I dont know why Alec chooses these hands
Comment from : Juan Manuel Rodriguez Vega

william sharpe
Almost forgot that I shouldnt discourage these plays.
Comment from : william sharpe

william sharpe
Lol at "I put him on aces or kings" based on pf raise only. I think this was .02/.05, not $2/$5. Too good to be true
Comment from : william sharpe

william sharpe
I lol'd so hard when the villain tabled kj offsuit after the terrible line the "hero" took. Lmao. Sorry if thats' cruel but he invited this dude right into a back door made hand after leading the flop and then compiling his mistake by not 3-betting the flop. The villain didnt play great but he was the aggressor on the flop. Then he makes a gutshot draw on turn and gets a free river. The poker gods punished the bad line our hero took
Comment from : william sharpe

Chad Allon
Excellent video , the point about essentially giving away free cards is a huge eye opener .
Comment from : Chad Allon

Im hammering this flop, if we get raised its fold. No way villain has a 6, its rainbow and runner runner to hands that beat us. Deny equity, steal his huge pre flop raise and move on to the next hand. Soft sets get rekt. Alec's advice to let this board run out and go for max value is gambling in the other direction imo.
Comment from : mero40k

If John is so certain his opponent has AA or KK, then it is really not a huge stretch that his opponent could have QQ with this logic, in which case his trip 6's are crushed!!!
Comment from : rico305305

Jimmy Koh
Why all in??? U will only get callled by FLUSH or JK straight...
Comment from : Jimmy Koh

Soumen Barua
online anything is possible
Comment from : Soumen Barua

This is the worst play I've ever seen. Holy fuck, you deserve to lose your whole stack by playing that bad.
Comment from : noex100

Shoved the turn, villain would've folded
Comment from : untouchable360x

KMDOS Kodikara
interesting points ,if anyone else is searching for best online poker tips try Jaffacter Poker Secrets Coach (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my buddy got great results with it.
Comment from : KMDOS Kodikara

1commoner 7b
why dont you have difficult flops . most of your analysis is based on easy-to-play flops.
Comment from : 1commoner 7b

Tomek Bishara
dont understand why you would never put your opponent on queens, and also why you would not bet quite big on the turn to find out where you at, and get opponent to fold draws like this or a flush draw.
Comment from : Tomek Bishara

Calvin Tong
the battlefield is too dangerous and too many traps. If you enter the battlefield first,  your opponents knows you are strong, so he wont enter the battlefield unless he is confident that he can bust you. and you choose not to enter the battlefield first, your opponent may get greedy and rush in there to burn himself.  I really learned a lot from this  thx alec
Comment from : Calvin Tong

J.D. Miller
Wow. Is this the spewiest play ever? Both guys must have decided that they hate money before they started the session. Almost too bad that one of them had to win the pot.
Comment from : J.D. Miller

Hi Everyone.
(Sorry my English)

The opponent could pretty likely also have had QQ pre flop and hit house on the flop, but if he had QQ pre flop, then he would most likely had just called on the flop and not reraised to disguised his hand? But it could also be that he had reraised if he put the player on a strong hand.

Comment from : Hi Everyone.

Sean Gallagher
lol ouch
Comment from : Sean Gallagher

Kim Jung
I am assuming this is live since there is a straddle. This is possibly the worst way this hand could have been played preflop, on the flop, on the turn, and on the river.
Where was this played?. I want to face players this soft who reason like someone who has been playing poker for a week.

Comment from : Kim Jung

Tony Che
john should be renamed donk
Comment from : Tony Che

Jame Jameson
Is the call for SDV a good call from villain with his made straight?
Comment from : Jame Jameson

will saf
right so on the river, hero checks and villain goes all in.  you have 3 sixes, what do you do then.  I agree, it was a poor decision to shove the river for the hero, but assuming he checks and villain bets big...what then boss.
Comment from : will saf

Really good of you to be doing these videos Alec. Appreciate it and enjoy the way you explain things compare to other videos. Has worked in getting me think more about my game and just understand more that I need to be looking at how I play in order to improve my game.
Comment from : cton

check back river..There is no hand that a decent player would call all in that doess not beat you. the "best" possible hand that you would beat is AA but any decent player would have fold.
Comment from : stkfr

Good Health, Good Life
hi ive played replay poker and sky poker. They are both fixed and they choose the winners/losers at start of any game. The cards dealt arent random. Anyone knows a poker site that is 100% realistic and random in cards?
Comment from : Good Health, Good Life

Jimmie Dean
I did not put villain on KJo but that is a better hand. I guess the raise by the villain on the flop was an outright bluff. I would have been more afraid of QQ. Look at this from the villains perspective. Failed buff on the flop, free turn, runner runner to make a straight, and get an all in.
Comment from : Jimmie Dean

Inkognito Ink
x/c x/r EZ game
Comment from : Inkognito Ink

Alec,  can you please analyze this hand from the villains perspective.  I have a difficult time understanding this type of thought process, especially on the flop, and would like to hear your input.
Comment from : heyniceascot

What a brutal suckout from Villain. I think the hand illustrate, why betting into the previous street aggressor is called donk betting. While on the surface of things, it worked here, because it induced a bluff raise, it also created an awkward situation for the rest of the hand. Donking twice is really weird, so hero kind of have to check the turn. And this is a problem. Because the turn is where, Hero should have bet for value against KK, AA and AQ and to charge those backdoor draws, that Villain might have picked up, if he had nothing. If Hero had gone for a check-raise instead, the hand plays out in a much more natural way. Villain would have C-bet, Hero would have check-raised, and Villain would probably have folded. Which is ok, because he had nothing, and we already got a C-bet out of him. It also sends a message to him, that we are going to play back at him, if he C-bet to often, which can be good for future play. And if he had called with a strong hand or to float, Hero would now have the initiative in the hand, so it would be natural to put in another bet on the turn. Hero could also still have bluffs in his range after check-raising, so its at least a bit more likely, that KK, AA and AQ is going to hero call him again. As played Hero should have 3-bet on the flop to maintain the initiative, he just took, even though he would almost be overrepresenting his hand.
Comment from : fundiver198

Dominique De Vos
I would like to play THE other Guy to , KJo out position for 9BB. No reraise on THE flop thinking hè has AA or KK and you make 30% profit in 1 hand and when his card comes hè makes full !!! Maybe it's me but I m going to keep watching the videos
Comment from : Dominique De Vos

Skyler Beckett
HAHAHAHA slapped with KJo haha. Congrats you managed to turn trips into a bluff lol
Comment from : Skyler Beckett

Troll Mctrollerson
Shouldn't the first lesson be that this guy is playing way too big of game for his skill level.
Comment from : Troll Mctrollerson

Chris Wilson
Villain floated on him and caught the back door haha
Comment from : Chris Wilson

cool, i've never used snap chat nor instagram but i'll check em out. keep up the good work - gl - never give up - have fun! Also, great hand and thanks for sharing the info!
Comment from : McGavel1

alec bro legit just give john better advice which is to stop playing poker
Comment from : taigastyle

Boris Micic
You played the hand the wrong way all the way! Terrible! Alec was so damn nice to you, this was highway fish play John! And on this level, wtf?!?
Comment from : Boris Micic

Justin Shiao
I'm surprised you didn't mention the chance of the villain having QQ. It's certainly in his opening range. Do you think the villain would almost always bet the turn for value here?
Comment from : Justin Shiao

Jordan Taylor
where did you get that hoodie/shirt top? looks sick
Comment from : Jordan Taylor

Hey Alec, thanks for the videos. Would you mind reviewing a hand I just played tonight?
Comment from : KN K

Merv Watson
eewwww.... that site is the worst. I hope you don't actually like playing there and are just taking their $.
Comment from : Merv Watson

William French
LOL he had KJ.
Comment from : William French

White Chocolate
Love the analysis and the video, Alec. Hate that it is available to all of my opponents. You have really demonstrated something many people do not do- show how one small mistake (or many in this example) compounds themselves throughout the hand. Also, how any new information causes a huge shift in our thinking and logic (our representation of a hand, what we put our opponents on, and most importantly- what we are both representing to each other). Love the leveling!!!
Comment from : White Chocolate

John Malvasio
Thanks Alec for your analysis it helps a lot. The reason i said i put him on AA or KK was because of his pre-flop sizing. Most of his raises have been between 2.5-3x and last time he raised big he had AA. The reason i called was because i knew he would be very stubborn with his hand and i could win a massive pot.
Comment from : John Malvasio

Rudi Storm
Alec- Very well thought out. I don't understand why we would not bet the turn for value? You say check check on turn is standard? Why?
Comment from : Rudi Storm

Chavy Cash
Nice review Alec. Hero should've never been in the pot to begin with. If he wanted to play this hand he should've 3 bet. I think this is a good hand to balance our 3 bet range considering that we're 200 bb deep. We can call if we were going multi way, but heads up we should 3 bet or fold. What do you think about 3 betting here alec?
Comment from : Chavy Cash

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