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I hate this 88 fortune game, always eats my money
Comment from : Heminem

HOLY CRAP, Wayne!!! I just had to check out this handpay on free play Plus an extra $900 on backup free play!! EPIC!!!!! I don't know if you'll see this comment but this is beyond amazing!
Comment from : Barbie

Spinning and Winning Slots With Blain
Very Nice Wayne, Congrats....
Comment from : Spinning and Winning Slots With Blain

Slotty by Nature
That was crazy!!! 😍
Comment from : Slotty by Nature

Lucky lady
Wow, congratulations ! Just subscribe to your channel
Comment from : Lucky lady

Wow awesome wins!!!

Legally Blind1357
Man that was awesome . i never really had any luck on this game but its fun
Comment from : Legally Blind1357

Sheilah S
Comment from : Sheilah S

Deon Tyler
Congratulations 😀😀
Comment from : Deon Tyler

slot boy slim
Awesome wins! I never have luck on that game but glad you did! I hit the red button. Cheers!
Comment from : slot boy slim

What incredible luck.
Comment from : tonyman2c

Marie Jackson
Comment from : Marie Jackson

Hibiscus Angel
Lucky 🍀
Comment from : Hibiscus Angel

RainsWorld VegasSlots
Wonderful!! I love valley view and the way you gamble great instincts Wayne
Comment from : RainsWorld VegasSlots

Pam Carter
Wow great hits..
Comment from : Pam Carter

Mister Blair
Wow just wow Wayne. Now that's how it's done. Loved that you directed me here to not only answer my question, but to show me...lol. Congrats to you and your mom as well. Good Luck on your next casino trip my friend.
Comment from : Mister Blair

Allnighter17 Slots
Beautiful congrats Wayne! 👍🎉🎈🍾🤣😂😇🤑🎊🍀🍀😲
Comment from : Allnighter17 Slots

Lauren Piontkowski
Awesome! Subscribed after watching this :)
Comment from : Lauren Piontkowski

That was wild! Congrats
Comment from : FATTY Slots

slot machine luv
That was awesome men , like that new 88foetune , men lucky free play .👍👍👍from new bubdy here.
Comment from : slot machine luv

Ayanna Jones
Comment from : Ayanna Jones

Wannabe Slot Channel Steve
I love this version over the video version any day! Your video is exactly the reason why. I got a 38X on birds once at $2.64 for $684.00 once at Barona. Funny how Valley View is the only one i haven't been to in that general area in SD county. Pala is my favorite! Just subbed.
Comment from : Wannabe Slot Channel Steve

Alfred R.
Congratulations bud! Hot machine!
Comment from : Alfred R.

Shay Carter
Just heard your name on BCSLOTS LIVE. NICE VIDS
Comment from : Shay Carter

Casino Slot Lover
Awesome jackpot and subbed 👍🎉🎉
Comment from : Casino Slot Lover

Keith Masumoto
wow, i like how you go all out on this machine. your mom's adorable! subbed!
Comment from : Keith Masumoto

Tyler Galbraith
Hell yeah dude my mom got her first hand pay on this
Comment from : Tyler Galbraith

Kitty Cat Slots
Dang Wayne, you are one lucky guy!! That Rudie Luck was working for you! Congrats 💰💰💰💰💰💰
Comment from : Kitty Cat Slots

May Kouri
Congrats Wayne, that was awesome 👏👏😘
Comment from : May Kouri

Bonsai Yama Review
Very nice !!! Way to get that money !!! Great job loved it
Comment from : Bonsai Yama Review

That was crazy. Omg...how sweet. CONGRATULATIONS....JIM in NY

Maureen Kristofco
Great win!!! Congrats
Comment from : Maureen Kristofco

sandy jean
WOW! That was awesome! And on free play!
Comment from : sandy jean

Jessica Diaz
Awesome win on your freeplay
Comment from : Jessica Diaz

Wow you got the best hit possible X18 amazing! Now imagine if that X88 popped! Just subbed btw good luck with the channel!

That was amazing turning that Freeplay into a handpay! Keep those videos coming! Just subbed.
Comment from : Slots-A-Lots

Amazing wins! Congrats man!
Comment from : theslotboys

Congrats Wayne!!!
Comment from : jackie3641

Slot Slasher
That was great!
Comment from : Slot Slasher

Laneisha Patton
Damn this was an amazing run! Was this on the wall right before you walk into non-smoking? Lol! This was the first machine I played my moreplay on when I arrived. #RudieLUCK for real!
Comment from : Laneisha Patton

Lena K
So freakin amazing!!
Comment from : Lena K

dalana brown
Wow Wayne nice run...
Comment from : dalana brown

Carolyn Chin
Nice win, Wayne!
Comment from : Carolyn Chin

Wow😮❗️Talk about winnings..think you’re the only one that does really well on 88 fortunes😁 Congrats❗️🍾
Comment from : Luv_Travelz

Pat C.
Way to go Wayne! Congratulations! Thanks for sharing!
Comment from : Pat C.

Vic T Slots
Man!!! You are definitely getting it done brother!!! That was an awesome video!! Gant wait to hit them slots with you!!
Comment from : Vic T Slots

Good JuJu slots-2-much
Great hits..nice to see you can win on free play! Congrats!
Comment from : Good JuJu slots-2-much

Nick Giles
Like i said before ill give you my paypal lolol awesome win bud!
Comment from : Nick Giles

Brian R.
Keep up the good work, Linda! 🍀🍀
Comment from : Brian R.

su Yianni
Amazeballs. Xx
Comment from : su Yianni

fern Lowzik
Fabulous Freeplay Win! Congrats! Best Wishes to you & your Mom!
Comment from : fern Lowzik

Love it! wish we were there to see it as it happened. So happy for you my friend.
Comment from : ELVIA’S SLOTS

Coco 777
Wow, almost 2 handpays!!! Congrats Wayne! 😁😁👏👏👏🤝 I haven't seen these, are they in smoking or non? I play in the smoking section. Here's to continued luck🍸🍸🍸🎉🎰🎰💰💰💰💰🍀🍀🍀👍👍👌
Comment from : Coco 777

leeann erickson
That was fricken awesomeness Wayne wtg 💵💵❤️
Comment from : leeann erickson

Well done Wayne, congrats!! Especially with “house money”!!
Comment from : bunchee

SC Slots
You KILLED 88 Fortunes brotha! Leave it to you to have that kind of luck on free play. Loved it! Great job my friend 😁👍🏾
Comment from : SC Slots

Sara Herrera
Omg that was awesome! Congratulations 🎊🎈
Comment from : Sara Herrera

Redtint Loves Slots
Love these 88 fortunes wins Wayne!
Comment from : Redtint Loves Slots

Aerbear M
🤸‍♀️Oh my bears!!💲💰🤑 That was wonderful Wayne! 😘 kisses on each cheek w/ huge cute bear hugs 🤗🐻❤! Congratulations my friend!!!! I wish you n mom more you luck, n Have a safe night! 🤸‍♀️
Comment from : Aerbear M

Gambleholic Queen Slots
Wow! You did amazing Wayne! Huge wins + HANDPAY on free play! Give me free money Casino! Thank you for sharing my friend!

Comment from : Gambleholic Queen Slots

Penny Pincher Slots
wow congrats good fortunes to you
Comment from : Penny Pincher Slots

Awesome run on the 88 Fortunes. Shame about the Mighty Cash not doing much.
Comment from : TorontoMainlineTrains

Awesome win, Wayne! 💰💰💰
Comment from : LauraABQ

robert ferguson
Wow very nice
Comment from : robert ferguson

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