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Paul Nestick
Poker is a waste of time. So glad I quit wasting my life away Playing a game u can't win at
Comment from : Paul Nestick

My work Channel
There are many components to finding top poker tips. One plan I discovered which successfully combines these is the Card Crusher Fixer (google it if you're interested) it's the best resource i've seen. look at all the amazing info .
Comment from : My work Channel

what should i know about ignition?
Comment from : Beanmachine91

On the second graph how long did it take you to earn over $60,000 USD? Is that like over a course of a year or 6 months?
Comment from : Trxnqualyzed

Hisham Kasim
Comment from : Hisham Kasim

Michael Bortolin
this whole video was just 2 fucking ads. what a waste of time.
Comment from : Michael Bortolin

What software does he use to see the stats of other players?
Please answer, thanks

Comment from : JICM25

Piotr Nowak
tips for free
Comment from : Piotr Nowak

Scam alert!
Comment from : pilote111

Upload more highlights ❤️
Comment from : CSGurrito

Ham Ride
Pls go back to the nba kevin
Comment from : Ham Ride

For those who wonder where Kevin went... he got a bit famous by winning Canadian big brother, and without no warning, a thank you or anything to he’s viewers and supporters, he just decided to leave like the cunt that he is... don’t be disappointed guys, be happy we got to see he’s real side..
Comment from : PokaDeJoka

Hasan Haddadi
5:47 spspsps :)
Comment from : Hasan Haddadi

Does anyone know an app where I can practice poker to improve my skill without using any money AND without having to pay any money for chips in case I run out?
Comment from : oblivious108

i want you vitamin d
Comment from : poncho

Sergio Padua
bla bla bla and buy this shit.. Come on, you're a pokerstars pro player, why you do that ? Asshole.
Comment from : Sergio Padua

Online casinos are rigged.
Comment from : bubuasqw123

mehmed Gaming
Lets goo subbb
Comment from : mehmed Gaming

mehmed Gaming
Comment from : mehmed Gaming

Proly Gamer
How can i play for money online from new york?
Comment from : Proly Gamer

Chloe Hoglin
This nigga uses hacks lol
Comment from : Chloe Hoglin

I get that you are promoting ur site. But you need to give some info about how to improve ur game and not just show how to login to a website. Id like to know the changes u made between the churning phase and consistent winner phase.
Comment from : apyt100

Dalton Lambert
Kevin I have been watching you since day 1. I love the journey you have taken since the beggining with your poker game and life. Its been a joy to watch you grow in both areas, Im really glad you and peels got back together because I knew you still loved her and it was sad to see. Im not asking you because you dont owe anything to us fans, in fact we owe you..... I dont have the time to watch twitch live streams very often, It would make me very happy to even see a short 5 minute video updating your true fans on how you have been doing in life and poker. Where have ypu travelled recently, what city are you living in? Im so curious lol, still love me some kmart either way keep crushing you inspiration you!😊
Comment from : Dalton Lambert

Tommy John
How do I stop getting fucking 2 and 3 outered in nearly every single tourney for all my chips? Can somebody please give me that fucking answer?????????? Take Sheldon Adelsons word for it. Poker is a game of pure luck. Any fucking idiot can win with zero fucking skill. Bullshit. I win on a regular basis playing live and get fucking killed online cause I'm constantly 2 and 3 outed on the fucking goddam river. Can somebody please explain to me how the fuck that happens? Variance? Bullshit.
Comment from : Tommy John

Johny Dillinger
Man are you still alive??? Where are new vids???
Comment from : Johny Dillinger

Samuel Gingues
I would like to know what you guys think of HHSmithy and data mining in general? Thanks
Comment from : Samuel Gingues

Anyone interested in finding a legit online game send me a message or contact me on discord discord.gg/PX99ZT
Comment from : Ecade

Conspiracy crackers
Thanks for the links and info
Comment from : Conspiracy crackers

Poker Tracker Coach Manager
You are best
Comment from : Poker Tracker Coach Manager

Denchik ShowEm
Dude. Thank you so much for all this information. You really are starting to look like a Legend.
Comment from : Denchik ShowEm

Most of the videos on RAISE YOUR EDGE are PRIVATE.
Comment from : Jozf

Andrew P
im asuming your not streaming at all anymore? @kevin martin
Comment from : Andrew P

ggk chad
Okok u had me until you said bill perkins was a good winning player...
Comment from : ggk chad

Comment from : Kaasplankje5678

Pshurri Pshurri
Yes wining online poker is noot eazy with robotic shufle card...
Comment from : Pshurri Pshurri

M Backpacker
Comment from : M Backpacker

I wish u would describe a little abt how u got from chart a to b aside from saying buy my stuff. Otherwise this is not a very effective ad.
Comment from : apyt100

Shehriyar Lakhani
Comment from : Shehriyar Lakhani

This is crap...
Comment from : V GUILFU

Gaetan Tanguay
went to see one of the stremers.... he had so many tournaments going on at the same time but still took his time. Windows would pop up somentimes always with a monster hand and he would go all in. Thats all he did for 10-15 mins I was there. Kinda hard to learn anything
Comment from : Gaetan Tanguay

Mr Coins
Check the comment below :D LOL Get 100% Poker bonus here! bit.ly/2vF6Lhj
Comment from : Mr Coins

Andrés Penella
Comment from : Andrés Penella

Peter Nguyen
Why don't you post anymore I miss your videos!!
Comment from : Peter Nguyen

Listen2Me Arts
www.facebook.com/thegrindersclub come play!
Comment from : Listen2Me Arts

Dmytro Picky
he is so goood he cant buy a good camera
Comment from : Dmytro Picky

Daniela Macias
Thanks for the great tips! I´m traying to improve my game online, is part of #myultimatesweat challenge (30 challenges), I can get all with effort and dedication!
Comment from : Daniela Macias

Remus Șerban
What happened to him?Does anyone knows ? :(
Comment from : Remus Șerban

Online Poker
Good work Kevin, Go ahead. I am damn sure that these tips will be useful to many improve their online poker skill. The following link also will be helpful to improve your online poker skill. www.pokerstellar.com/become-a-successful-poker-player
Comment from : Online Poker

jesus christ i'm over halfway thru and have gotten nothing, redirects to other youtube channels. this video is junk.
Comment from : chrisc4u

david clark
Hate to say it but looks like things haven’t gone this guys way.... hense no posts in a few months, can’t say am shocked. He’s had some ok wins but nothing significant, there are much better players to follow guys.
Comment from : david clark

yassine mntagaa
Never bleive
Comment from : yassine mntagaa

Mu Mum Chenel
สมัครโปกเกอเงินจริง 44000ชิบ=100บาท 420ชิบ1บาทถอนขั้นืต่ำ100บาท ตามลิ้งนี้ครับ aff.shenaffiliates.com/link/TWpVd013PT1BZmYxNzA3TlE9PQ==
Comment from : Mu Mum Chenel

Nedim Ibrahimagić
I have spent months studying how to play poker games and found a fantastic resource at card crusher fixer (google it if you are interested)
Comment from : Nedim Ibrahimagić

Tom Van Gucht
Thanks for this I’m gust started reading small stakes hold to help me before I put money in
Comment from : Tom Van Gucht

jack of club
Nice video . Check out session I had bro 👍 youtu.be/1c038B01QgY
Comment from : jack of club

Malaysia Affiliates
Hi Kevin, i am Dickson from IDN ShenPoker, we're 2nd largest poker network in the world now,this is our website www.shenpoker.com/my , We want to invite you to become our affiliate partners.

My Skype/Email: contact.my@shenaffiliates.com,Look forward for your reply =)

Comment from : Malaysia Affiliates

Kevin, plz come back!
Comment from : ИЛЬШАТЫЧ

Sandwich Please
Kevin please start posting deep runs again, i loved it
Comment from : Sandwich Please

robert balderman
20% ROI from BENCB youtube and twitch alone.
Comment from : robert balderman

Бой Бой
You're sitting on a Poker partner! Not incredible that you fall out a premium card and almost everything out there! Gsch is on your side bro! For those who do not know what is the partnership agreement with PokerStars is when the player agreement (streamer, blogger) with the room to promote the room and of course the audience should show that winning on their room is easy and possible! But really ask yourself how much per 100 hands you're dealt premium hands and get his outs? Compare them with bloggers, streamers and you will see that they are getting more and more! That should not make the decision only because of this streamer! Be smarter people!
Comment from : Бой Бой

ТудыМ СюдыМ Бым
you fish!
Comment from : ТудыМ СюдыМ Бым

Tee ef
Best way is to increase rake, it is good. Daniel says so, so it must be true!
Comment from : Tee ef

How can you have two accounts (usernames) at Pokerstars? Tried it once, got an email from them that i should delete my second account (after a few days)! I would like to start at 0 again... So how did you do that?
Comment from : letzebauer

more videos pls
Comment from : lloovenomooll

Porter Jeronimo
PokerStars and his ant's are full of shit!
Comment from : Porter Jeronimo

Rory Foster
8 min advert
Comment from : Rory Foster

julien berthe
for a french twitch check out Yoh Viral
Comment from : julien berthe

Tapout Tazz
Did you really link bill Perkins ...
Comment from : Tapout Tazz

But most of us don't get the pokerstars pro run good.
Comment from : Kebawo

Isn’t there already a tournament master class out there by someone else
Comment from : drew

Nova Andika
I see the way you speak, you just convey nonsense, you try to eliminate the thinking of people who watch your videos with your eye movements and body language so that the minds of people who watch you do not focus, you also use your innocent look as if what you say looks honest ,,, and I do not care about the graphic image of the money you make.
your clothes are very nice broo ..

Comment from : Nova Andika

Robert Markovic
how to improve on thata? :D :D
can anybody explane me this??

Comment from : Robert Markovic

AK off
Ghosted us
Comment from : AK off

All the comments on this video make me happy, know there’s going to be so many ignorant people(fish) who think they’re too smart, not pay for a course and just stick with losing plays. Nice la for us
Comment from : fumbler431

Super Duper
Being team pro doesn't mean you will get hand fed. There's a man in our hometown that won the WPT 4 times in a row, first place. Requires a lot of skill and effort. Some of you people...jeez.
Comment from : Super Duper

Super Dave
wb man. why is bryan paris not on the list?
Comment from : Super Dave

Hahah this donk giving advice get fucked
Comment from : Raditz

Davis Wallington
K man! Much love from out here in Vancouver. Thanks for the video, really appreciate it! PS: BB6, whos your pick ;) haha. Thanks buddy
Comment from : Davis Wallington

Nick Petrella
Hey it’s “that damn Kevin Martin” (quote by Karen). So happy to see you again!
Comment from : Nick Petrella

Bobby Firmino
I’ve unsubscribed from YouTube Kevin
Comment from : Bobby Firmino

alex no1
Does this site include cash gams or just tournys?
Comment from : alex no1

Spume euw
How To Improve Your Online Poker Game And Win In 2018 : Don't watch videos made by losing players like this guy
Comment from : Spume euw

ben is 'paying' so many streamers nowadays to promote rye. Sadbbut true. Anywayz no offence
Comment from : GramGrubo.

pedro manfred flores sanchez
What about the channel of my man Doug Polk he has the record of the biggest cash on twitch ... alright i saw a pokerstar icon im out of here
Comment from : pedro manfred flores sanchez

Marlon Santana
...except the fact that RYE course came recently, after you start crushing.
Comment from : Marlon Santana

is this an advertise for RYE?
Comment from : Naeco

www.youtube.com/watch?v=AImQHa-6pXs&t=18s pokerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!! nice
Comment from : Jmal

rafael nascimento bernardino
Hello, I'm from Brazil and I'm very much your fam, I see all the video I see as expiration. know that our money is weak and poor can help me to start to win equal to you with 30 dollars thanks for the help always go continue to see your video. CAPIXABA2019
Comment from : rafael nascimento bernardino

Jamie Peterson
Kmart? more like GAYmart
Comment from : Jamie Peterson

John O
No Tonka in the description??
Comment from : John O

Caroline Bassett
Appreciate the recommendation, Kevin! I'd be interested to know how you differentiate between an intermediate and advanced player.
Comment from : Caroline Bassett

Henning André
Great video, you are not just a real crusher but also an amazing person/streamer. I would like to know how many tables you play at the same time? Obviously the stream might affect that but approximately. I am not able to play everyday but I still want to put in some volume. I am currently 6-tabling as default, do you think there is any idea in trying to "push it"?
Comment from : Henning André

did he not list tonka? or am i blind
Comment from : VeZzE

Marc Carter
Hi Kevin, which streamers do you recommend for online cash play?
Comment from : Marc Carter

Nick A
Just run good
Comment from : Nick A

Lee Wingrove
Thanks for this. Will check out some of the twich links. All though Jamie Staples rules!
Comment from : Lee Wingrove

Comment from : crymeawave

leonx punk
Hello Kevin and see you in 3 mounth :D
Comment from : leonx punk

Matt H
Boo to no more youtube videos.
Comment from : Matt H

Bobby Firmino
We’re are you Kevin been missing your YouTube uploads
Comment from : Bobby Firmino

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