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Play poker if you are rich and don't care about money. Then you can be relaxed, play without fear, play your best poker and laugh at bad beats.
Comment from : andreasvukman

William Allen
1. I lack balls
2. I have no balls
3. My balls appear to be missing

Comment from : William Allen

Pedro Strom
Comment from : Pedro Strom

Pedro Strom
well the 4th is a matter of disposition and context
Comment from : Pedro Strom

Slime.Rainbow 25
You listen to this fucking idiot thinking 🤔 he is just stupid... Nd you look at him playing cash games n you like WTF he is the worst ever... tournament I have to give it to him he is good
Comment from : Slime.Rainbow 25

Slime.Rainbow 25
You couldn’t figure this out when you were getting your ass wiped on high stakes poker idiot
Comment from : Slime.Rainbow 25

You're wrong. The only times I lose consistently is when I'm put all in or I put someone all in and I have the best hand and they catch it on the turn and/or river.
Comment from : scrubl0rd

Turtle Bob
Everyone loses in poker
Comment from : Turtle Bob

Tom Lewis
Spot on professional advice thanks
Comment from : Tom Lewis

Ash Audi
Comment from : Ash Audi

1. No interne
Comment from : Admiralex91

Thriver Guy
#1 reason is that people talk too much around you.
Comment from : Thriver Guy

Gopal Bajaj
Comment from : Gopal Bajaj

I love Switzerland xartonomismata
Number 1 reason:bots
Comment from : I love Switzerland xartonomismata

Loosey, Goosey.
Comment from : TeCH ReCK

Michael Paterson
Comment from : Michael Paterson

Dmitri Tchoulanov
Thank you Daniel for this intelligent video !!
Comment from : Dmitri Tchoulanov

Chris Telson
Because I do not have Mike Postle reading abilities : just saying
Comment from : Chris Telson

Mike Ro
I always use to lose but now I play on sites where the rake is higher and guess what I still lose, your a liar!!!
Comment from : Mike Ro

I got an ad with you in it for this video 😂
Comment from : lakhan911

Gamble is really a game of luck lol it's 50 50.

Especially the very last scene! 😁

Comment from : A H

Why do #5 occur to me everytime.
Comment from : Ayeqn

Ashton Valens Mendonsa
I like you Strategy man ...Damn....*nag..nah..nag...*
Comment from : Ashton Valens Mendonsa

6 and 9
Best hand in the game 😏

Comment from : SnowPulse

Top reason I lose
I forget the cards I’m holding

Comment from : SnowPulse

Cameron Owen
Good advice, not just for Poker
Comment from : Cameron Owen

Marley Sweeney
Awesome vid
Comment from : Marley Sweeney

Danksy Arts
How to do a backflip: do the backflip
Comment from : Danksy Arts

Maybe its cuz jokerstars takes 15 percent of every tournament u play?
Comment from : theboss

Robert Sparkes
Play the odds.
Math will for the most part back your play. If you’re not up on Math, try Monopoly 😎

Comment from : Robert Sparkes

Steve Snellgrove
You are the most interesting and least obnoxious person in poker ... you will always be kid poker no matter how old you are ... in addition I respect the way you loved your father and ofcourse your mother and entire family .. I lost both my elderly parents to cancer within the last 8 years and it is something you will never forget although I know they are literally in a better place .. May God bless you Daniel in every endeavor you take 👍👍👍
Comment from : Steve Snellgrove

Number 1 reason: you are playing on Pokerstars
Comment from : Gabbriellitto

Silver Hunter
I absolutely never lose at poker. I havent lost a poker hand in 5 years. i know you wont believe me but thats ok. ive saved myself literally thousands of dollars with the number 1 tip im going to share with you. here is the big secret to my awesome winning streak of not losing a single hand at poker. I dont play. If you dont play you cant lose. thats the secret to never losing a single hand of poker ever.
Comment from : Silver Hunter

Nathan Knipp
Daniel Negraneau is one of the reasons I started playing Poker, one of the best at reading opponents..
Comment from : Nathan Knipp

Chris McDermott
Reasons I'm losing at poker.

1. I'm shite
2. Everyone else is making the wrong decisions.
3. It's a game of luck
4. Hole cards are always rubbish
5. Online poker is riiiiiiiiiiiged!!!1!

Comment from : Chris McDermott

Yose Yoda
That zen moment is priceless. :-)
Comment from : Yose Yoda

frensis likeMars
great Daniel i was waiting 4 a channel like this of yours💪🍹⭐unlucky for us in italy pokerstars.it have a really sick and sloppy field.. and not all country have a casino or a room where to play...crap! can t wait to play in your country the real Texas hodl em one day👌🙋😉
Comment from : frensis likeMars

#1 The rake is too high.
Comment from : Niels

HUnch Back
wat if you don't catch a flop
Comment from : HUnch Back

I am or was just really unlucky. I know the game well, watched and played free money poker for years before I actually played for real money as gambling isn't really my thing I just like the game for what it is.... a game. when I first played real money online in my first session I lost £200 holding AA preflop vs QQ. the hand played itself preflop but when you just know the Q is coming before it does it kind of sums up my luck and how I feel about it. Next time I played was on a different site. I lost my stack With a King high flush obviously vs the nut flush. pure cooler. Next time I played I was on another poker site where I flopped top 2 vs bottom set. I decided that although I feel I was a good player that online just was not for me. its n my nature to feel cheated by a computer where I cant see the cards shuffled. so I decided I would play at some local casinos, I entered a tournament about 25 miles from home was on the final table chip leader, I did a phil Hellmuth limp in early position with 44, folds to the BB who happened to be 2nd on chips checks. flop comes 3-4-9 rainbow. he bet out I raised he 3 bet I 4 bet he shoved I called, he had j9 offsuit. turn pairs 9s river gives him 9s full of jacks, dude catches runner runner to cripple me. I decided to never play poker for real money again.
Comment from : Superchalkster

mario97 krištić
daniel i Loveeeee youuu u are my Idooolllll best Poker player that has ever lived in my Opinion ...
Comment from : mario97 krištić

Ivan Cannon
Honestly, Daniel just revealed the #1 Reason why he is so successful.
He uses Self-awareness to control his autonomic responses. This skill transcends poker, It's critical to success at anything... and allows yyou to live a Good Life regardless of outcomes....

Comment from : Ivan Cannon

Ivan Cannon
What's wrong with 9-6 offsuit? 😉
Comment from : Ivan Cannon

Max Wu
#5 No rake if there is no flop (no flop, no drop)
#4 The rake has a maximum limit
#3 The rake is only 2.5% of the pot (too low)
#2 The rake is 10% of the pot (still not high enough)

Comment from : Max Wu

Marshall M&M
One of the important reasons is “being too risky” many players just risk it off before even the flop comes up, I know a person who used to be risky, I saw the person one day with 10M, next day the person was playing with 500k...it’s just bc that person was risky...risking it off never work as much as they think
Comment from : Marshall M&M

Broken Machines Band
Comment from : Broken Machines Band

Christie Gurganus
Love you Daniel
Comment from : Christie Gurganus

Boris Born
Comment from : Boris Born

Matt Ferrara
Wow killer advice at the end
Comment from : Matt Ferrara

Why does #5 apply to me all the time.
Comment from : Ayeqn

Kolton Bostrom
What is the song at the end of the video?
Comment from : Kolton Bostrom

batang alaeh
Lol negreanu the way you telling about why losing poker he he he you dont even do that when you are player it is easy to say but when you are playing you play like cry baby Hellmuth why I say that you keep calling even if you know that your card is not good lol so shut up and play like Patrick Antonius, Phil Ivey nad Tom Dwan ok read my lips shut up big mouth lol...
Comment from : batang alaeh

Waimin Gee
2:53 Hellmuth has left the chat
Comment from : Waimin Gee

Espik 23
Some of these apply to anything
Comment from : Espik 23

Markus Heinonen
Comment from : Markus Heinonen

I'm blinding out in micro stakes with the "recommended" tight-aggressive approach. In the past I would typically double my stack with this approach, but now the lowest micro players are much tighter.
Comment from : Martin

You made me instal zynga poker on my phone gah dammit
Comment from : cro6029

Michael Sebourn
my favorite poker player
Comment from : Michael Sebourn

Anyone else think Negreanu's grumbly voice sounds lowkey like Homer Simpson? 4:24
Comment from : SN011GlobeTrot

Billy bill
my reason is this is nothing like real poker like i wad king at 7 sftud when u had to make a 5 card hand to win. thifs board game all players can be in and split the pot brcause board makes a 5 card hi flush. or a straight
Comment from : Billy bill

Werner Müller
Thanks for taking the time to share your worthful experience with us and thus giving us at least the chance to make our own lifes better. Being aware of the mood I am in in critical moments of life and reflect and concentrate on it, calm down and try to bring the mind back on track isn't only helpful at the poker table, but in all areas of life.
I really like the way you live your live and you are a big model for me, even if I'm a bit older than you. I really like that no animal has to die for your food, I don't know if you consume the drug alcohol at all, but if so you don't look like to be addicted to it, it looks like you have found a way to also enjoy your uncountable amount of money, but are still a stayed down-to-earth guy and it looks like you enjoy the short period of time we are here at the moment that's called life. Again and again, you, as a human person, are an inspiration for me. God bless you!

Comment from : Werner Müller

Luis Noronha
Youre playing online

Comment from : Luis Noronha

What should I do if I am winning?
Comment from : wavygr

The number one reason you’re losing is RAKE especially on poker stars, but hey let’s just worry about everything else. Once a respectable person in the poker world, today higher rake is better.
Comment from : Peter

an yu
#4, remember everything you do at the poker table conveys information
Comment from : an yu

The number one reason is the rake.
Comment from : JiveDadson

Brock Page Productions
Comment from : Brock Page Productions

Holy shit... Dan just taught us how to use the law of attraction... he is so right tho. EMOTION is the SECRET KEY ... I can think back to how much money I've pissed away after taking a bad beat, by making calls I never would make. When I'm not there emotionally I'm no longer PLAYING poker, im just gambling... thanks Dan gonna share this
Comment from : SoundsLikeAnime

mark wilson
Wow, great video, thanks for that article. I myself enjoy gambling. I search the internet for a decent gambling site.no matter where you live. wild casino is good at all forms of gambling.from poker, blackjack slot machines and sports betting. when you get tired of searching the internet trying to find a decent gambling site.
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Comment from : mark wilson

Kinio Rabbit
Brilliant :p
Comment from : Kinio Rabbit

Brian the Slot addict
Let me relate this to Us Normal players in home games.Your Buddies are fucking IDIOTS that call 3 bets with Q10 suites and catch a ducking flush EVERY DAMN TIME
Comment from : Brian the Slot addict

Brian the Slot addict
#1.You have Tourette’s and keep telling ACE ACE MOTHER FUCKERS ERP ERP
Comment from : Brian the Slot addict

Je vis Des hauts
Luck is only reason
Comment from : Je vis Des hauts

Wade Emsley
#1 - Your playing in a game without nearly enough rake ☻
Comment from : Wade Emsley

Am I allowed to watch this video as a preventative measure, if I haven't played poker yet?
Comment from : youluvana

Lucas Gamboa
"This stupid freaking idiot who call me with 96s" Loooool i wonder who that is
Comment from : Lucas Gamboa

David Riddle
Just getting started into the game of Poker. I’m really having fun, but want to understand the game better. Is there a series of video to watch or resources to use that will help me out? I’m watching a lot of these videos, but the terms are way over my head and I feel like I need a dictionary or a translation book to understand it all. Any help would be great.
Comment from : David Riddle

John Kim
First reason- everybody wants to play against you at cash game. I will take everything you have!
Comment from : John Kim

Raphael Piquet
There is no game that everyone will win in it.. in poker there more losers then winners that the game fundamentals..it's like capitalism 2%of population draining dead the rest of suckers.. giving them enough air to breath.. feeding.. looring them of all sorts of dreams..
Comment from : Raphael Piquet

Joao Russo
Daniel is so right..but applies most to live cash games...theres too much variance in online games..i ve samples of 2M hands in wich i dont ever run above the expected, is the other way around in fact. I ve searched and searched just to see if im not just the unluckiest guy in the world. There many people out there who share their stats, and its possible yes, to run like a dog for 1 or 2M hands, its has happended, and its keep going on happening. Online Rng are too rigged
Comment from : Joao Russo

Brett Karst
He's such a cool guy eh....
Comment from : Brett Karst

Fuck you, YouTube
But howd you go from bald to full head of hair tho
Comment from : Fuck you, YouTube

Aditya Jain
Comment from : Aditya Jain

best poker player ever/luckiest man alive
Comment from : Bbujj

You are amazing Negreaun
Comment from : M. SA

Mike Hong
"Daniel: I Learned Alot from This Video-Thanks! And I'll Apply It-When I Play Poker!"-Raymond "Mike" Hong of Oakland, CA&UC Berkeley's Caldining Employee! (Good Luck!&I Always-Use: A Card Cap!)
Comment from : Mike Hong

#1 You keep playing against better players.
Comment from : xenaguy01

Dmitri Tchoulanov
Thanks 4 your help! Now, I don't want to loose, but I would like to win your money Daniel )))
Comment from : Dmitri Tchoulanov

Ricardo Elias Saad Rivera
Thanks i have all together lol
Comment from : Ricardo Elias Saad Rivera

Zach Falbe
Daniel, I just don’t understand why this has been happening to me over almost a year’s period. I’ll give you an example:

Last weekend, I got into 3 All-In situations. All 3 I was the favorite once the money got in. They were:

KK vs JJ, I was a 92% favorite
KK vs JJ, I was an 81% favorite
KK vs AQ, I was a 72% favorite

I lost all 3. Statistically speaking, there’s a 1% chance that should happen

This isn’t one weekend occurrence, this isn’t a short sample size, I’ve played tens of thousands of hands now over that timeframe, it’s become a common occurrence for me to lose All Ins as a favorite, and I cannot win money in poker because on average if I get it in as a favorite, I lose. Ive studied the game to a T and have developed my game vastly over this last year, and I expected the winnings to start when I was playing right, yet I continue to lose my stack when I do everything right I have control over and get screwed when I have zero control. Is there any possible way to fix this? I’m so frustrated and upset that it keeps happening, please help!

Comment from : Zach Falbe

adam 1738
1 the river online
Comment from : adam 1738

Go bald!!!
Comment from : miggy1994

Jason Seabrook
1-5 online poker is rigged.
Comment from : Jason Seabrook

that awkward hand photoshop in thumbnail though
Comment from : T

Donald G
The rake is too high but it's actually better
Comment from : Donald G

Jakob Wachter
#2 reduces #1 which will eventually eliminate #4, taking care of #3. Neat
Comment from : Jakob Wachter

Tc Linn
1. rake 
2. poor math/statistics skills 
3. poor understanding of position
4. don't know when to walk away
5. too much attachment to money
6. poor bluffing skills
7. don't know how to mix it up being tight and loose
8. poor deception skills
9. lack sufficient bank roll
10. don't know when to walk away (so important, I listed twice ;-))

Comment from : Tc Linn

Luke Tomkinson
your zen moment is too true, "fucking idiot going in with 69off" :):):)
Comment from : Luke Tomkinson

Plus when you play with fake money everyone will call a pre flop raise when you have aces and they have J 2 offsuite and they hit two pair on the flop and you're out of money.
Comment from : IceWarrior101

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