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Doctor Pepe
& yall better be playing suited connecteds with a face before the flop, i say, "suited, straight, a pair, i dont care!"
Comment from : Doctor Pepe

Doctor Pepe
In canada, Alberta anyways, we call pocket 8s snowmen, you forgot that one but its okay
Comment from : Doctor Pepe

A Google User
Hehe he said "jack off" hehehe 13:05
Comment from : A Google User

why wont they call a pair of queens bitches?
Comment from : Beanmachine91

poker is america's game and its loved by the world!
Comment from : Beanmachine91

the only time you should limp to see a cheap flop is if youre in position!
Comment from : Beanmachine91

R.r R.p
There are a few components to how to play poker. One plan I discovered that succeeds in merging these is the Card Crusher Fixer (check it out on google) it's the no.1 plan that I have ever seen. look at all the awesome info .
Comment from : R.r R.p

Levi Fisher
Following this strategy made me a worse poker player. I was ok and just wanted to get better. I'll go back to wining once I can forget this tutorial!
Comment from : Levi Fisher

Comment from : EDO EDO

i would be absolutely sick if i went AI 251k with AA and dude gets a flush (1 card off from flush draw too), on not just the fop, oh no... but the TURN AND RIVER..... absolutely sickening... xD GOD I LOVE POKER!!!!!!!! hahahahaha
Comment from : FwF FR2

J Lawl
If I were Boomer, the flop would be 444
Comment from : J Lawl

The only cards I play is “Dinner for two”
Comment from : SnowPulse

Love this. Thanks. 💪🏼
Comment from : cptseagull

so when does the content starrt? getin tired of listening to that fug'ing introduction marathon.
Comment from : Brandneu

I play the same line as boomer, except it turns out wonder boy has pocket jacks.
Comment from : Barmander

i only play the best hand possible a three pair!
Comment from : Beanmachine91

William Bryant
Uhhhhhhh.......... A Real player nope
Comment from : William Bryant

mario Ramirez
Most poker hands are winning in a river card's.some times even with a good hand you'll will loose an a river card.
Comment from : mario Ramirez

Ovy Licker
problem with NL hold em , u can know everyone's hands and still lose,that isn't a skill game that's a luck game.
Comment from : Ovy Licker

Student Prawa
10.17 pablo would have won with set of 666 and he would get a lot there :)
Comment from : Student Prawa

Marcel Liu
I’d rather have 72 than 32 by far. The straight chance isn’t worth it
Comment from : Marcel Liu

I once folded a 7/2 offsuit before the flop. Guess what was on the table? A full house -.-
Comment from : xKiLLzZx1

Carl Hopkinson
9-10 suited....OMG....I want to play this guy.
Comment from : Carl Hopkinson

Carl Hopkinson
Yea, but in normal tournaments there are so many calling stations that you can't really bluff with weak starting hands.
Comment from : Carl Hopkinson

Carl Hopkinson
That Q9 suited was a disgusting suckout....I would have punched the guy in the face.
Comment from : Carl Hopkinson

Artist Villanueva
I think its funny that people wear hoodies and shades when poker is more about the luck of the draw and the best hand you can out together.
Comment from : Artist Villanueva

Francesco Iadicicco
They should make a tutorial on how to not destroy your bankroll against the hordes of calling stations that render all the stuff in this video series useless xD
Comment from : Francesco Iadicicco

Cali Fatz
AQ is a horror hand that my circle call’s “Bitch with AIDS”
Comment from : Cali Fatz

gio caspirta
so so
Comment from : gio caspirta

Shailendra Shanker
Was i alone who was smiling through out this video. I would love people who follow this video on my poker table
Comment from : Shailendra Shanker

Simon Z
How in the world is it rare that someone else has a bigger flush...Feels like it happens over and over on Stars!!!!
Comment from : Simon Z

Eduardo Alfaro
2D6D is not a good example of a terrible hand. It's not the best hand, but definitely in front of so many others preflop.
Comment from : Eduardo Alfaro

In the example starting around 10:30, why is it smart for the 8/7 to fold given they are one card away from a straight?
Comment from : SpaceXtract

Thomas Hill
I love the graphics and the way you present it, I wish I had the ability to do this with my * * SUITS * * game rules.
Comment from : Thomas Hill

Thomas Hill
Why does it matter if you fold ? In * * SUITS * * all cards are dealt to complete the hands of all players NO FOLD and Folded hands In three out of four you are dealt your 3 table cards, You see what you have or what you could have had MIND BLOWING gets you thinking.
Comment from : Thomas Hill

Thomas Hill
Bad hands are folded and in * * SUITS * * , you may have a 3 of 4 starting hand one of each suit so you fold You had a ace of Hearts the way it is dealt is Community The first card is a 3 of Hearts The second card is a King of Spade The third card is a 2 of Hearts giving you a Running Triangle 3 of Hearts High is 13 on the chart But your opponent has a Party Pack three Hearts & three Spade is eleven on the chart YOU LOSE. The possability in * * SUITS * * is amazing.
Comment from : Thomas Hill

Thomas Hill
I think with gaps like connecters and Bookends you have a better chance to improve your hand and if you have both in your three Starting hand WOW.
Comment from : Thomas Hill

Thomas Hill
So Starting hands are importent BUT the way the hand is dealt has alot to do with how your hand can end. Say you start with a 9 Club Q Spade A Heart THE DEAL is Open hand the last of the four deals of rotation. You raise 10 and the other player show 7 Club K Club 6 Diamond, they call the first table card comes to them 4 Heart you receive A Spade, Now you have lead SPADES OVER CLUBS Second table card comes 6 Clubs for other player GIVING THEM A King high Club Triangle You receive a 6 Hearts NOW YOU ARE BEHIND, The other player raise you 20 Do you go or fold ? I go and the third table card comes 10 clubs for other player giving them a King high Square , Your card is a K Spade giving you a A high Running Triangle in a SPADES beating the King high Club Square.
Comment from : Thomas Hill

Thomas Hill
Now as seen here the six Hearts would give you a HEART SIX PACK hand strength of 11 out of 20 1 -to 20 BEST is 1 weakest 20, You also see 2 - 3 connecters and 3 - 5 bookends
Comment from : Thomas Hill

Thomas Hill
The words you shared at the first was RIGHT ON and it also is true in * * SUITS * *, So as in Poker there are weak starts in * * SUITS * * We start with three cards in the hand - weakest is a three different suits lowers then 10 high. IF you have one or more high cards like Q - A a little better, a GOOD starting hand is three of one suit 10,Q,A, of HEARTS or any suit THE BEST IS Q,K,A of Hearts or and suit YOU look for conecters 4-5 , Q-K, is a good starter, We play to make the best suit in the hand and the suits are in order of strength Heart - Spades - Diamonds - Clubs and the NEXT THREE on the table make the six card hand. And the three table cards are dealt four different ways on a four hand rotation. By Thomas Arthur Hill
Comment from : Thomas Hill

Christian Burton
Jack 4 is called a flat tire because a jack is 4 a flat tire
Comment from : Christian Burton

Senna Rain
Yeah call all in pre-flop with Q9 suited. That's "good instincts" right? That's a stupid scene int his video
Comment from : Senna Rain

Jonathan Pimentel
At 13:36 theres one more way to win against pair of 66 when you have AJ if any other 2 pairs over 6 comes up like 99,kk then the pair of 66 becomes a high card.
Comment from : Jonathan Pimentel

Last Firstxxa
One time I lost 500$ worth of chips because I folded but when the rest of the cards were revealed I found out that I got a straight and the pot was 25k and the highest card was 2 pairs, I was so annoying I could have won all that
Comment from : Last Firstxxa

myke nax
I really like how he said homage at the end. Never heard it pronounced that way.
Comment from : myke nax

I only play suited pocket pairs
Comment from : DizzyDreams

Title should be "How to make sure us poker pros beat you amateurs with some level of consistency". Or maybe, "Phil Hellmuth goes nuclear when people don't play like this".
Comment from : jabman549

I flopped a full house when I decided to play 2-7off and I play it every time since.
Comment from : MavTzak

Paul Roos
But how do u figure those odds, 48%? Etc.
Comment from : Paul Roos

11:20 or something.

I would have called the BB with AJ. That's not necessarily a weak hand, but I'd get crushed there too.

Boy Wonder doesn't lose because his hand is shit. Not really. He got top pair on a pretty save board.

The one who did the analytics isn't all that good, I think. Or this is just a shitty example.

Comment from : SomeNiceMovies

Todd Zickel
So much is luck. You can proper 3 bet, nail the villains range, bet for proper value, C bet, check, know blockers, how to bluff and still get screwed by bad flops, turns or rivers. So much luck involved n poker. I've seen too many crap players win $$ and they're not good players.
Comment from : Todd Zickel

Orange Nexuss41
Great vid, especially with negranu at the end, that was the best info of all
Comment from : Orange Nexuss41

Connman 8d
The hand where J4 went against QQ was kind of interesting though because if the BB had had AJ he may very well have lost even more.
Comment from : Connman 8d

Low pocket pairs get me into the most trouble. I really don't know how to play them. Sometimes it's clear someone has a bigger pair starting hand, but i call preflop anyway. 99's, 77's, 22's 55's etc. Very dangerous hands for me. Of course taking a huge pot with Trip Deuces feels so good though. Playing those hands truly is a gamble though.
Comment from : ILLAngel101

Geng Wang
that J4 vs QQs is not a good example of why you should not play a bad hand.. it would be much better if its J4 vs JQ.. because even if he had AJ he still would have lost.
Comment from : Geng Wang

joseph anthony
What about the snow men 88 the wayne gretzki 99 ......
Comment from : joseph anthony

Pshurri Pshurri
Fuck you and Your mutherfucking starting hand dont need to play anline the starting hand need to have freent pokerstar to win MUTHERFUCKERS
Comment from : Pshurri Pshurri

who bets three times the big blind
Comment from : Andros

j4 vs queens looses probably less money than AJ because youre more likely to fold,
Comment from : survivalizer

Sonny Huynh
Sorry, this is bullshit! For example the QQ vs J4. They just take whatever example to make their case. I can do the same case for playing J4. Look now the flop is 442 now you stacked QQ.
Comment from : Sonny Huynh

Fuzzy Bunny
Going all in just to win the blinds is a sucker play. Surprised I see it so often from "pros".
Comment from : Fuzzy Bunny

Fuzzy Bunny
The cards aren't as important as table position. A smart player, in position, can bully everybody at the table even if he's only got a 7-2 if he has the right table image.
Comment from : Fuzzy Bunny

Timothy Adams
Good information but this video was 6 minutes of info and 20 minutes of fluff.
Comment from : Timothy Adams

Douglas Sheehan
No mention of suited connectors
Comment from : Douglas Sheehan

Vegetable Madness Ⓥ
Following the mainstream "rules" is the surest way to lose in poker
Comment from : Vegetable Madness Ⓥ

Oskar De Eream
goes over what to call different hands and then says twos instead of deuces lol
Comment from : Oskar De Eream

Anyone else call aces 'A-holes'?
Comment from : Hexspa

Usama Zaheer
12:36 He would have lost even if he had a J K (Which is a good hand to play ).The thing is poket pairs are hard to read and even pros often lose such hands.He was safe betting with that Highest pair in his hands.Although he should have given a thought about those 6 6.
Comment from : Usama Zaheer

Viego Alvarez
If i was j4 I raise so QQ thinks I have AA or KK if QQ reraises i fold
Comment from : Viego Alvarez

Greg Colin
Truly fantastic series. Well organized, great information and stars of the poker world.
Comment from : Greg Colin

Excel Expert
There are a few components to how to play poker. One resource I found that succeeds in merging these is the card crusher fixer (check it out on google) it's the no.1 resource that I have ever heard of. look at the extraordinary information .
Comment from : Excel Expert

Jack Yi
I'm sorry bro, this is only for big tournament game. Also you can't beat the lucky player with this basic. All about the luck.
I had $5-$5 game and a guy raised with 10.4 off suite and I called JJ, the flop came 10,4,4...all bull shit.

Comment from : Jack Yi

You still want Aces!!!
Comment from : F77 RAPTOR

Nice 👌
Comment from : F77 RAPTOR

I love how Joe paused before saying "Jack, Four".
Comment from : Cewby

Lord Royce
I am the biggest limp in the world it would seem
Comment from : Lord Royce

Brent Hill
7-2 will lose but with little expense.
7-8 and those other small connectors suited or unsuited will occasionally win but in the long run cost you a fortune. I instantly shit can them unless I'm running a total bluff or heads up.

Comment from : Brent Hill

Diogo Miguel
almada ja ta a comandar
Comment from : Diogo Miguel

I am a beginner and confusion
Comment from : corndog984

Dylan Perry
Instinctually people will want to play as many hands as possible. A lot of this weak starting hand information gets blocked out by amateurs, especially at the end when Daniel says that skill comes after the flop, and he plays looser. This breeds a whole field of low stakes NL players all trying to "outplay" each other with marginal hands, every hand. If you're not a pro, and believe me, you aren't, then the best thing to do is realize, that 90% of your opponents saw the same videos, and follow the same advice that you were given. So if you really want to make money you need to play against the strategies taught to the mainstream, instead of playing with the strategy. That means sit at the table for hours, cash game not tourney, and fold every starting hand that isn't top 6. Fold every flop that isn't at least second to the nuts, double up twice from the players who weren't paying attention to all your folding, and who are trying to "outplay" you, and then go home. Rinse and repeat.
Comment from : Dylan Perry

Logie Bear
27o is best.
Comment from : Logie Bear

Park Bahçe
When you have AJ against a small pair like 66 you can also win if the board comes like QQ 99, two bigger pair than 66.
Comment from : Park Bahçe

Diego Barker
Would a ace and a 2 be a horror hand
Comment from : Diego Barker

Sometimes i like to just like to call agressive players, so that they cannot read me when I have good hands. If I raise a smart agressive player may fold.
Comment from : micnpark

Kyle Reese
What ? avoid limping ? idk about that ..
Comment from : Kyle Reese

The pocket aces vs queen/9 had nothing to do with instinct right? That's just pure luck. His instinct told him that his opponent had nothing, which was - clearly - not true. He just lucked out of that hand :-)
Comment from : xxxflyerxxx

To be honest, I thought Negreanu's horror hand was going to be Ace-Queen.
Comment from : ZOMG py

Simple Balance
limping is fine
Comment from : Simple Balance

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