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Epona Swift
I bet on horses and I never say I am gambling. I am investing as any money I may lose will eventually return to me with interest. If you walk into a casino or card room with the mind set that you are gambling then you are subconsciously tapping into the good and bad luck of the people in it. Change your mind set and let leave luck to the gamblers.
Comment from : Epona Swift

lots of good tips, thank you
Comment from : Vendetta

Mr. Montana
If you use any kind of software or calculator for odds, you're a scrub. Fuck those online pussies
Comment from : Mr. Montana

Dwayne Greene
I really hate it when everyone quotes Daniel from Masterclass. I always see that in these comments. Who cares if u eat a sandwich stooopid
Comment from : Dwayne Greene

Tony England
Every time I bluff, my opponent has the nuts. That's the way I rock n roll.
Comment from : Tony England

Agree Disagree
This sucked
Comment from : Agree Disagree

Omega Law
Here for rdr2
Comment from : Omega Law

Leo CraftingTV
Very interesting information. I'm usually a pretty tight player, and I think that works in the beginning of the game. Atleast it can usually get you to the top 3 or something like that. But to win you need more advanced strategies.
Comment from : Leo CraftingTV

Christian Connor
All these commercials is pretty thirsty.
Comment from : Christian Connor

I’m here so I can get some cowboy drip on red dead online
Comment from : sspacebarr

Andy Burns
Comment from : Andy Burns

Dei_Bellator Infinitum
I want to become a expert texas holdem player and be compensated handsomely,,,,
Comment from : Dei_Bellator Infinitum

Renier Dejito
Comment from : Renier Dejito

Yasin Mekki
hey dude. thanks for the vid. poker is so fun
Comment from : Yasin Mekki

john brown
Being a professional at poker is as relevant as being a professional at coin flipping. IT IS A GAME OF CHANCE. Play it for fun and forget all the knowledge unless you can use it flipping coins. If you get the cards ,you win. If you don't get the cards YOU LOOSE!   GET IT??? Why do ALL the pro's use "backers" if they don't have enough money to enter a ffreekin tournament ???
Comment from : john brown

john brown
I found the ONLY way to win EVERY hand of poker. I should charge for this but for today, this amazing offer will be FREE.  Be a CARD DEALER like I am .
Comment from : john brown

Who else is ready for GTA online casino dlc?
Comment from : GILLYbOb

mark wilson
Wow, great video, thanks for that article. I myself enjoy gambling. I search the internet for a decent gambling site.no matter where you live. wild casino is good at all forms of gambling.from poker, blackjack slot machines and sports betting. when you get tired of searching the internet trying to find a decent gambling site.
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Comment from : mark wilson

Phasmo Pyic
Man im such a passive player even with good hands or not, i rarely bet/raise
Comment from : Phasmo Pyic

Silver Hunter
as soon as you mentioned the poker analysis software that players use i decided that trying to play against these types of players is a fools errand and since you will never know who is using it its best to avoid online poker altogether. Im very worried about teams who have a whole room full of computers and every one sees everyone elses hands. theres just no fool proof way to make sure everything is on the up and up in online poker. if i ever play again ill stick with live casino poker and avoid online poker like its a plague.
Comment from : Silver Hunter

you forgot to add that you cant be all loosey, goosey, eating a sandwich, man do i love that tip.
Comment from : LumboJacko

Michael Sebourn
advice of life also
Comment from : Michael Sebourn

Dmytro Picky
rly luck does not matter? thumbs down ! you dont know what luck is my friend untill you lost all st8ts all fullhouses and all flushes to a better one!
Comment from : Dmytro Picky

Paul Roos
Preparation plus oppurtunity= luck vince lombardi
Comment from : Paul Roos

James Nguyen
You need to understand that everything you do at the poker table, conveys information.
Comment from : James Nguyen

beginner or advanced all poker strategy is good, its good to have a lot of styles to adjust as the game changes dynamics
Comment from : Beanmachine91

Subhan Malik
What does "in position" mean?
Comment from : Subhan Malik

i believe that once you learn, your either "gambling", or really "playing" poker, and the whole game is just about making the other players think u have a good hand or dont, it all seems to be kinda common sense, if some takes forever to check, well, who knows the whole point is your gonna think what u want to and bet accordingly, come up with your own strategy, thats just my opinion.... oh im a total newb btw, like i said this is all just my take
Comment from : ManofSteele25

How do you make thousands in poker? Start with a million.
Comment from : goutvols103

Scott Humphreys
Hmm, when i take a long time and then i check it's because i was thinking about betting. I save the acting for important moments. I play pretty loose and i have to talk myself down or else i turn into a fish.
Comment from : Scott Humphreys

Alessandro Gómez Villalba
Dude I barely even play at Red Dead Redemption 2 lol but I want to learn
Comment from : Alessandro Gómez Villalba

LifeWhyz Music
All the pawns are in the third row on both sides. Poor defensive strategy...
Comment from : LifeWhyz Music

Regarding number 5 ”tight is right”, it amazes me to see, how often multi tabling regs at the lowest online stakes complete fail to adjust to a maniac, who is raising with half the deck. They just continue to fold all the time rather than getting in there and getting after this guys money.

Which I then do, resulting in me often busting him, before they finally get a hand, they deem strong enough. Its fine to have default ranges, but if someone is just splashing their chips around, a hand like AJ become a pure 3-bet or even stack-off for value.

Comment from : fundiver198

Agreed. Some players refuse to check their ego at the door before taking a seat.
Comment from : WéBR

jason hounsell
I some what disagree with needing to have software -- I do a little coaching (not pro) -- I have played on and off for 12 years and have been lucky enough to be able to jump in the fray and run up and bankroll everytime. I have had the trials for them and checked the graphs to see me running 25 buy ins below EV and still winning haha ^^

I think the most important thing for a beginner is opening ranges - reducing calling ranges and when playing online specifically zoom/swap or whatever - is that your playing against the field and not an individual. If you have AA - and the boards 7,8,9 with 2 callers. Expect to fold this hand often - your never going to be happy raising, or getting called, or calling down. The power of aces (and I don't care what pros say) is the concealment of the hand and being able to trap a big pot. If you can't do this, I'm not interested. So if the flop checks to me and I bet and get any resistance I'm done. I don't care about this hand, move to the next where there is implied odds.

For beginners watching pros they feel like they need to hold onto any equity in every pot. This isn't true on micros - implied odds far outweigh everything - I'm not saying don't take direct odds on a draw of course. Or get full value from AK when you flop it. I'm also not saying don't 3bet bluff from SB with QK off .... however look primarily for spots with implied odds at micros and dont hero call down a pair of 7's because you feel this player might have AK on a J,10,10 board.

The HUD I think really messes up beginners - as they underestimate opponents. My HUD while I had it showed me as a 20/17 with 12% 3 bet and likely looked very aggressive - however if a beginner read that as I'll give them value or triple barrel bluff often - they will go to value town. On very close analysis I'll over fold turns in 3bet pots for example -- however I can afford to do that 2/3 times and stack the 3rd and be profitable.

Opening ranges - aggression - fold equity and just learning how to fold top pair is the things I cover with people first. (Not being nitty folding everything obviously however calling mistakes on lower - mid stakes is by far the highest leak - start by plugging that, and then work on when to value bet)

Comment from : jason hounsell

Enter Name
How am i supposed to know what tells or playing in position is as a beginner wtf?
Comment from : Enter Name

Aridis Duran
3:58 I do that A lot loll
Comment from : Aridis Duran

Triple Mista
mmm ill stick with soccer then.
Comment from : Triple Mista

Scott Schilling
This is a solid video, ive been playin alot of hold em lately. Well, winning solid amounts money online, in large tourneys mainly. I feel like i kind of naturally understood how and when to bluff. Like, u definetly want the pot to be heads up, and u play the board rite, like when something hits the board that makes u seem stronger. Like the board pairing on the turn. Or the 3rd card to a str8 or flush. Thats when i will make a solid sized bet. Obviously, u can and will get called sometimes. But theres a feeling i get about when to go for it. And theres also times where its ez to fold because my best draw, based on my hand is like a single pair. Things like thay, i could elaborate way more. But basically theres a time, when u assume this guy doesnt have it. And theres times when u get check raised and gotta let it go.
Comment from : Scott Schilling

Nope No
Man your vid rocks I'm thinking of starting
Comment from : Nope No

Zheng Jingwei
not a fan of pio solver?
Comment from : Zheng Jingwei

Dwight Hayles
Do you have a different strategy when playing live - without software / HUD - or any pre-knowledge of opponents at the table, against starting presumed opponents of at least level 3?
Likely any person would have to play at least 50+ hands to get a baseline read on how any one opponent plays, and adjusts.

Comment from : Dwight Hayles

"You control your own destiny", that's soo awesomee😂😂
Comment from : GamerZ026

Etienne Pace
Always love your content mate
Comment from : Etienne Pace

Your back good stuff
Comment from : 4cardtard

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