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Javier Bustamante
There is no wining secrets on gambling once you put your money in the slot machine you are throwing away your money .
Comment from : Javier Bustamante

it is all random
Comment from : davewreslt

Gary Hill
I know this is a couple of years old. But it does seem odd at time when your whole section when, sitting at a machine, suddenly comes alive and everyone starts getting bonuses at or near the same time. Then they go dead at/near the same time when each seat is filled. We see this every time we go to the casino. We frequent the same casinos and it's just recognized by a lot of people. Any comments on that would be welcome.
Comment from : Gary Hill

Paula Amick
Banger ... Rubber ... Watcher ...
🏆 a slots player label classic❗️

Comment from : Paula Amick

Vincent Messera
I always hit bonus once I lower bet. I guess coincidence
Comment from : Vincent Messera

Vincent Messera
I don't believe that, on piggy Bank where you can pick mini minor and grand, with 12 options, i get the mini every time and it shows afterward where the grands and majors were. I'm 100% positive it's predetermined.
Comment from : Vincent Messera

Lesa Schroyer
Are the odds different on the older 3 reel vs the video slots?
Comment from : Lesa Schroyer

David Gray
Double dimom all the way across!
Comment from : David Gray

Cari Beth
Did anyone notice at 13:38, when he was explaining about how bad the % was playing the Megabucks was, the picture of the winner on the machine's Hall of Fame right at that moment looked like him?


I highly doubt it was him, but thought that it would be cute to see if anyone else thought the same.

Comment from : Cari Beth

My problem with the RNG explanation is what I see happening in the casinos, specifically the video poker machines. When they are idle they will cycle into a mode where they put a royal flush up every hand. IF tis can be done during idle time, my contention is that it can be done at ANY time! After all it is a programmed computer chip.
Comment from : R.H

Mae Hedding
I don’t believe in coincidences but back when people were putting coins in machines I definitely saw a string of 5-6-7 machines all paying. The machines only paid at night, they were located right by the elevator door, this was at the MGM. Same was true at the Golden Nugget, at night there was a string of machines along the wall of the bar. They paid at night, they either all paid or none paid.
I know everyone says they are all random so how do you explain that?

Comment from : Mae Hedding

Danika Frederick
Bonus's are predetermined if your playing with a bingo card at an Indian Casino. You can look up the "bingo pattern" amount and it shows exactly what you'll be paid out.
Comment from : Danika Frederick

Sandra Johnson
Great talk! You always make me smile!
Comment from : Sandra Johnson

Seeing this finally in late 2019 but there's super information. Thanks for all the detailed and clear answers.
Comment from : Peace&Love

Sometimes it's TRUE about location.
Comment from : restfulsole7

Paul Larsen
Very insightful. Thanks bunches!!
I enjoy your vlogs very much!!!

Comment from : Paul Larsen

Brad Junes
Nice work all---loved it.
Comment from : Brad Junes

Brad Junes
I once saw in vagus 10 women walk in to the area--all put 500 in (hogged all the machines) and all hit the wheel of fortune with maximum bets. they left at 25 minutes in--(all of them) They all hit the wheels of fortune getting the 300 dollar winning game. They were all betting maximum at 3 dollars. They all got upwards perhaps 400 dollars Was that a fluke? Why did they all leave together? This was in 1999 have they change now?
Comment from : Brad Junes

Michelle Thom
Loved this video! Totally don't believe the last question's answer though! I am a rubber and I have proof that it works! Lol 🤣🤣🤣🤑🤑🤑
Comment from : Michelle Thom

Joyce Burke
My personal experience is most times I play with the CARD I don't win , I play without the CARD I do much better.
Comment from : Joyce Burke

John Naples
Good interview, but didnt he contradict himself with varying denoms on the same machine?
Comment from : John Naples

Sarah Peebles
Awesome value!
Comment from : Sarah Peebles

Kiam Barrese
This was sooooo informative ! I needed these tid bits as I’m embarking on a 7nt Cruise 🛳tomorrow on the MSC Meraviglia with a fully comped balcony cabin courtesy of URComped !! 🎉Thank you Brian 😃😍 #rudieluck 🎰
Comment from : Kiam Barrese

Scott Gilmore
Brian, loved watching this video, question, did you ever make the shirt?
Comment from : Scott Gilmore

El Blogga
We have historic horse racing machines where I live, do they work the same?
Comment from : El Blogga

House Money
I disagree with the last question about rubbing the machine. It does make a difference for one simple reason. You are altering the timing of the moment you press the spin button. Now if the question is boiled down to does it make the machine payout? Obviously no, but it does alter the outcome for better or worse.
Comment from : House Money

Jeanieart1940 Kowatsch
Thank you. Helps me a lot.
I dont bang
Or rub.
Really liked the interview.

Comment from : Jeanieart1940 Kowatsch

A wider camera angle, PLEASE!! You two are sitting way to close to be on a sofa!
Comment from : E DUB

Pat Glass
I have a theory that on top of the RNG, we have our own personal laws of probability. I also believe that if you stay calm and trust your senses, you may be able to time (at least yourself) your play. Just sayin'. Thanks Brian!!!
Comment from : Pat Glass

Robert Rstw
the card maybe just a little way to record taxes to who is responsible to pay it
Comment from : Robert Rstw

Terry Shinneman
I would like to have a bigger payout of a lower percentage machine than to have a bunch of lower payouts on a higher percentage machine
Comment from : Terry Shinneman

Katie Rae
I went to mgm Springfield. It seems like you can't win anything. Instead of reeling yo in by letting you get some wins, they want to get what you are planning to spend within the first twenty minutes.
Comment from : Katie Rae

Valerie Jones
Wow excellent interview. Every single question I had was answered. I think that rubbing the VGT slot machines (Oklahoma) help with the excitement. I’ve won over 20+jackpots and I always rub talk sweetly to my machine, and make sure I don’t have negative energy around me. I do not like to take my ticket out and re enter it. It’s all superstition but it’s worked for me. Las Vegas slots has never been good to me but it’s my favorite place in the world!!
Comment from : Valerie Jones

russ peaknuckel
It's all b.s. be prepared to lose ! 😲
Comment from : russ peaknuckel

This guy is nice, but all these rules don't apply to San Manuel Indian Casinos.
Comment from : izitjorges

Tyrone Price
Brian good interview with Steve Bourie.
Comment from : Tyrone Price

Sal Pagone
There's more to it then what this (expert) is telling us. Guaranteed
Comment from : Sal Pagone

G herbie
So I went to Casino They had a Jacquar give away. I've noticed like alot of winners it was her Birthday. I have a studied theory about BIRTHDAYS, NUMBERS, ENERGY. . INCIDENTALLY went on my Bday hit $1700 , Next day Jack pot. Celebrating all month ha ha ha
Comment from : G herbie

G herbie
How does it work.when it's guaranteed to hit by a certain amount. How does that work.
Comment from : G herbie

Charles O
Thank you for the clarification of the classes of the machines Now I know why Mohegan Sun & Foxwoods pay hardly nothing back.
Comment from : Charles O

Kenny Advocat
Great info from Steve Bourie. Glad he was willing to jump on your channel. =)
Comment from : Kenny Advocat

henry naylor
Great video about how slots work, thanks so much... its 2017 maybe a updte is needed. i leartned alor from this show.....h
Comment from : henry naylor

Seems like they speak different languages and when they agree it is only because they finally understand what the other is saying
Comment from : EricMcDonkey

Everyday Art By Brittany Gunter
Def make a shirt.... Whether ur a banger, rubber or watcher we are all winners!
Comment from : Everyday Art By Brittany Gunter

I play at a casino where you win more then you lose and that is the Stock Market. The Stock Market is a far better way to gamble.
Comment from : Sonny12681

Mark and Linda Bridgwater
Wish people would stop smacking the machine!!!!! Hurts my ears, shatters my nerves and I just have to leave my machine to get away.
Comment from : Mark and Linda Bridgwater

Mark and Linda Bridgwater
Also, I've seen machines paying out quite often and then the casino takes them out. Why would they do that if it was so random? I also saw after a lady hit 440,000.00 on a wheel of fortune machine they took out all of the wheel of fortune machines and ultimately replaced them with new ones. Random? Seems the casino didn't think so.
Comment from : Mark and Linda Bridgwater

Harry Lime
They don’t build those big beautiful casinos with their own money. They build them with suckers money
Comment from : Harry Lime

James Bohn
How can it be a random chance and have a set pay out 🤔
Comment from : James Bohn

El Guapo
He's wrong about the time. If you go 2am there is less people, henceforth better chance at sitting at the loose machines.
Comment from : El Guapo

Daniel Herrera
You guys should do questions about Indian casinos
Comment from : Daniel Herrera

There are still those big machines that you pay 5, 10, or 15 dollars/spin. I'm guessing that doesn't pay as well.
Comment from : Cylurian

Question. If the mega bucks is 1 to 50,000,000 chance, how fast does the 50,000,000 combinations pass by the computer? Does it take 10 min for all 50,000,000 combinations to pass by?
Comment from : Cylurian

These ones and those ones killed it.
Comment from : SelRod735

Mark Remington
I remember at the RIO in the 1990's playing a souviner machine that gave you these big coins with images of the casinos in Vegas. They were valued at 10 dollars each and the payout had to be like 99 percent because you usually won without reaching the 10 dollars amount the coin was worth.
Comment from : Mark Remington

Jeffrey Elliott
I talk to each group of slot machines to get a positive vibe from the one potential winning slot and that's the machine I'll tend to sit and play a $100 dollars win or lose !!!
Comment from : Jeffrey Elliott

Daicy & Mia Luv
Remembering when my mom went to pechangga the person sitting next to her won jackpot like 5 thousand plus he looks like beggar & he said it was his first time on that casino he cannot believe he won..that his lucky day..
Comment from : Daicy & Mia Luv

Nicholas W
Very informative thanks Brian...
Comment from : Nicholas W

Graciela Montano
This was so helpful thanks for educating me. No more rubbing 😁🤣
Comment from : Graciela Montano

Why are American Indians so associated with the casino business the same way that Asian Indians are associated with the motel business?
Comment from : gliese3b

Geniene and Pudding Anthony
Comment from : Geniene and Pudding Anthony

Steven Hastings
One question if you are betting 1c 1 line on poker machines does this effect how often and how much predetermined jackpots come up when the amount is the same
Comment from : Steven Hastings

Steve does look like

Higgins from Magnum P.I in 1980s series

Comment from : Larry1980s

Linda K
Great information! Thank you!
Comment from : Linda K

lisa dupree
Tap tap tap
Comment from : lisa dupree

Leticia Quinonez
I only go with 10 but how can i win only with 10 bucks?
Comment from : Leticia Quinonez

Bankhead 1
Comment from : Bankhead 1

Nothing Free
you also might have mentioned servers to the slot players and what there used for . even though YOU would say they are not used but that would be an opinion not a fact. just like i would say the opposite and it being an opinion , but the fact remains that servers do exsist for a purpose. Them not bring used is just like saying you don't need brakes on your car. ☺
Comment from : Nothing Free

The Crafty Realtor
I was at a casino in Blackhawk Co. a few years ago and they were putting in a Walking dead machine. I was the very first player on it and within the first few spins, I hat a $500.00 jackpot. I assumed it was because it was brand new, maybe not tho??? In Vegas this past week, I was at a buffalo gold and hit 150.00, I cashed out and came right back and hit immediately another couple of hundred more, I cashed out and came back and hit another one immediately. I did this because I wanted to keep my winning money separate from my buy in and I did t have any other big bills and was lazy about sitting there putting in a bunch of smaller bills. I ended up winning over $500.00 with 15-20 min. According to Steve had I just sat there and played, I may not have won multiple times like I had by getting up and coming back.
Comment from : The Crafty Realtor

You forgot to ask him what's his favourite machine to play? And Favorite style machine?
Comment from : Shmagit

Marie Jung
Banger, Rubber, Watcher....🤣🤣🤣
Thanks for the Great Video...now i know...its all about timing

Comment from : Marie Jung

Nature and percussion
Good video.
Comment from : Nature and percussion

david mccleary
Thank you for a very informative video. My brain's not used to real information on you tube :-)
Comment from : david mccleary

bruce montgomery
one thing i found out on wheel of fortune,when you hit spin the wheel, if you listen carefully to the beep boop beep boop etc, try and hit the button in the middle of the beep or the boop. I usually get 250 or 150 etc, never the 30 or 40.Once i hit the 1,000 by doing this. You can practice on line for fun play at dbl down casino off of face book. They give you free coins to play with. It actually does the same at real casinos.
Comment from : bruce montgomery

R Burn
So if a machine is supposed to pay out (or return) 94% over its lifetime, what happens if the machine is at the end of it's lifetime and it has not hit that 94%, do they leave it on the floor or do they loosen it up?
Comment from : R Burn

Jennifer Romo
Piano players are the MOST annoying!
Comment from : Jennifer Romo

what is stopping indian casinos from reading and recording the serial numbers on your money . so the casino would know whos money you were playing. i always seem to win at first when im playing with money i brought to the place. when im out of money and cash in the vouchers i dont seem to win anymore. its always like that. i dont know just seems to coincidental to me.
Comment from : llvllrllvllorgan

andy minier
Great video. How can you tell the payout percentage of the machine that you are playing?
Comment from : andy minier

Barney Potter
And he's embarrassed every billionare in america
Comment from : Barney Potter

On the Sharknado machine it's interactive so you pretty much have to be a 'banger' because they make you kill sharks for bonuses lol.
Comment from : TheMentalMillionaire

Nothing Free
only casino and slot tech would know if player card has effect on wins .
Comment from : Nothing Free

Offgrid Whitetails
Ok so one more time here. He claims it doesn’t matter on play but he just said that wheel of fortune gran slot has s1in 200 vs 1 in 20 on other denominations.
This is why I watch wheel of fortune played and pick a machine in the area I am in and seethe progress of pa on the wheel spin before I climb aboard. Once again all hits are just pure luck but you can increase this by playing when the payout should be beginning to revolve out.

Comment from : Offgrid Whitetails

Reed Johansen
1 888 admit it
Comment from : Reed Johansen

songbird372 P
Great questions Christopher your answer just about all of my questions Bravo
Comment from : songbird372 P

Llda Schelhase
We had certain machines at the casino I go to that were very popular because they paid good but since the casino put them in another area of the building they only pay about a third if that much of what they use to pay. People would stand behind you waiting for the machine but there are days now that they are rarely played. Now location change should not have affected the machines but something happened with them and now there are definitely fewer payouts.
Comment from : Llda Schelhase

Colorado Coin Hunter
I am a banger and a rubber
Comment from : Colorado Coin Hunter

Crazy Craig
What’s the best set return slot to look for
Comment from : Crazy Craig

Layla World
These are some good amazing questions I thank you guys,👍
Comment from : Layla World

American Pawn Junkies Slots
Glad to hear about staying with max bet from now on!
Comment from : American Pawn Junkies Slots

I dont buy the RNG - Fact, or HUUUUUGE coincidence > Why is it that when a person gets a bonus round, for instance hitting a shitload of Buffalo's during the bonus with the 2x/3x/ext ext that the buffalo's and much bigger wins happen only during the Bonus....why is it that when a person cant win squat on straight hit without a bonus ?...this leads me to believe the so called RNG is BS since the RNG would have to set differently during a bonus round - A question was asked on here a while back about the RNG during the bonus round and the answer was "thats a good question, i really dont know" < your supposed to be the experts, whats the real scoop here?, thanks.
Comment from : K DOG

Sheila Arp
Banger and rubber or watcher was so funny
Comment from : Sheila Arp

The value of the ACG is highly underrated.
We keep the American casino guide in our motorhome and use it like a bible.

Comment from : R D

Outlaw jjSmith
What about the RNG
Comment from : Outlaw jjSmith

Have Fun
Ok. If the RNG stays the same no matter how much you bet, then how does it change depending on the domination played for the payback percentage? It can't be the same RNG for 1¢ versus $10 and still maintain proper payback percentage.
How does that work when you change the amount you bet?

Comment from : Have Fun

my lucky boy
I found out they can reprogram slot machines at anytime without being at the slot machine anymore, so that means they can reprogram it so a less percentage pays out?
Comment from : my lucky boy

E. M.
Brian you otta do more videos w Steve. I follow Steve as well and I have to say hes never been more interesting lol. You are great together! Love love
Comment from : E. M.

Chuck Dellano
Sit closer.😀😄😃👽😍😎💀🙊🙉🙈😖
Comment from : Chuck Dellano

Mr Juse
The best takeaway from this, wager the least amount possible to trigger bonuses.
Comment from : Mr Juse

St. Mary Class of 1967
Don't forget the spankers.
Comment from : St. Mary Class of 1967

St. Mary Class of 1967
Delightful. Steve just needs a little nudge to trigger his sly wit.
Comment from : St. Mary Class of 1967

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