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William Cook
I am a wining cash game player and finding hard to have a good w/ rate online i have been play for a long time in live cash games. I been watching all the get me stacken video s and slow bilding my roll online.
Comment from : William Cook

anders andersson
Its all about getting the money from the weaker players. Thanks Gripsed for those obvious facts. However, best wishes to myself on this journey.
Comment from : anders andersson

Ivano P
I have this probleme when playing late night mtt I find just playing one game isn't stimulating enough so I play a cash game or a sitngo. What I notice dough is that the cash game usualy don't go so well because of the fact that it's late and I can't ajust from cash game to sitngo at those hours. So i tought if others had this probleme then I should manage my sleep and play between 2am and 4am when the other players who like me have this same probleme play. Been working but its only been 2months
Comment from : Ivano P

gökhan yalçin
sit and goes are my favorite, playing with real money actually makes you play properly. you can get 5 pounds from this poker site here POK22.COM But first, on earth as vampire sent, Thy corse shall from its tomb be rent, Then ghastly haunt thy native place, And suck the blood of all thy race
Comment from : gökhan yalçin

how long did it take you to study M?
Comment from : Sjaakie128

I tracked my results for 2 months everything from day of the week to time of day. At the end of those 2 months I crunched the data and found that for myself certain days and times I was making far more than others (which I thought I was actually doing well on lol). So for the next 2 months I primarily played on those days during those hours and found my bankroll increased substantially. It took a while to figure it all out, but when I did it was great for my profit margin.
Comment from : brianlindsay74

Honestly I have to say the most important thing as to when is the best time to play poker is mainly based on YOUR mentality, how sharp you are. I was going through a slump for a few days, took 2 days off and studied my game went through the theory of the game during those 2 days, studied, equity, M, ICM, EV. even if you know it, it doesn't hurt refreshing that knowledge and it honestly paid huge dividends the next day I decided to play.
Comment from : RakanXYZ

Id actually put tierd people at the same category as drunk people. Decisions suck if u are tierd, as if you are drunk. Im a HU player, so I love going on the tables 2330CET and find russians. Drunk, tierd russians! That's some serious money. You should think about it :)
Comment from : EmblazNOR

Marius Aglen
But what if you're never positive and confident!!
Comment from : Marius Aglen

Gripsed Poker Training - Evan Jarvis
was my pleasure to make this matt, hope it helps you Get Stackin'!
Comment from : Gripsed Poker Training - Evan Jarvis

Vincas Lukšas
Bwin is the best site for weekend sports betters, a few weeks ago a guy open shoved every hand till he lost 20BI at my table :D that's +EV i think
Comment from : Vincas Lukšas

mathew white
thx evan this was my question feels great to have a video made about a question you asked i have come to a realization that there is time differences with the players that i play against so i think its a factor to find out where the player is from and what time is it where they are so if its really late where they are and its not so late where u are i feel like that could be an advantage just for the fact that our body and mind dont function as well at night then in the middle of the day
Comment from : mathew white

Gripsed Poker Training - Evan Jarvis
you're right creghy, but I'm glad you were able to mention it for me :) Very important to be on your A if you want to maximize your gains!
Comment from : Gripsed Poker Training - Evan Jarvis

u forgot to mention that the best time to play poker is when u are positive and confident(play your A game)
Comment from : creghy89

when stars has the billionth hand jackpot there is tons of free money on the micro stakes if you can mass multi table and play tight. Even though your picking up just $2-$10 a time it adds up so quickly.
Comment from : metcalfestarfish

id add anyone who's on monkey tilt to that list.
Comment from : Rat454

stars is the best for competition but 888 is best for fishes
Comment from : VoltsHockey

Drink players in Live poker are by far the best source of poker Income. Come play at my local casino 2/5 game on the weekends its a money bag.
Comment from : Iamasuperuser123

Fuck 888 poker stars is the best.
Comment from : Iamasuperuser123

Simon Tees
Comment from : Simon Tees

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