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Irene Romero
Comment from : Irene Romero

Erica Guidino
Im not going to support your gambling addition.
Comment from : Erica Guidino

Kwan Holloway
Ok so I'm a noob at slot machines but they have this one around my way.

The red $10 on the front of the machine. Is that how much it cost to play one game or pull the lever one time?

Can you break down the basics of the game for me please? Lol.

Comment from : Kwan Holloway

Amber Kime
What's the 2$ super chat??
Comment from : Amber Kime

Alika F
Bog Boom
Comment from : Alika F

Sandy Sultz
Love the diamond slots along with Simon!!
Comment from : Sandy Sultz

James Winchester
#boom... pass the luck I need some
Comment from : James Winchester

maya weaver
Go see about your cough!!!!!
Comment from : maya weaver

roberto lopez
Boom boom boom 💥 awesome hit Raja
Comment from : roberto lopez

Rofl @ Tee calling out Brian's big booms.
Comment from : j0w

Dustin Dent
Damn good Boom!!
Comment from : Dustin Dent

Cheryl C
Cheers Colleen!!! Beautiful!!! And great video...obvi....😂
Comment from : Cheryl C

It's a Slot Machine
Loved watching you play Pimple Diamond 🎰💎💎💎🎰 #BOOOOOM
Comment from : It's a Slot Machine

Sheryl L
Comment from : Sheryl L

Ohhhh Ciroc Apple for Colleen, mental note! 👍🏻 Loved this Triple Diamond Boom!!! 💎💎💎🤗👍🏻💣
Comment from : TracyD

NG Slot
Fantastic Win. Congrats my friend !
Comment from : NG Slot

Anthony The Glazer DiSandro
Great hits and then the big boom ! those IGT machines are great !! 🤑 Love your vids Guys
Comment from : Anthony The Glazer DiSandro

Memphis AL
loved the video . One of my favorites that you play is lucky Lotus. #TBJ
Comment from : Memphis AL

Joe S
Comment from : Joe S

B Sanders Slots
Comment from : B Sanders Slots

Sunshine Girl
Beautiful win!  Hope you have more good luck and big booms!
Comment from : Sunshine Girl

Victoria Munoz
Can’t wait for group pull!
Comment from : Victoria Munoz

Bonsai Yama Review
Great video , loved watching it live when it happened. After a closer look the double diamond in the middle almost hit too. Great video.
Comment from : Bonsai Yama Review

Boom 💣💣💣👍👍👍
Comment from : PD

All Way Stop
Can you explain what colleen and slotlaadys is lol. Is it a youtube channel... or they work there? Haha I am confused
Comment from : All Way Stop

yolanda crittenden
Wonderful Hit!!
Comment from : yolanda crittenden

R G Slot Wins
Shots shots shots shots shots
Comment from : R G Slot Wins

Genie 888
Happy Friday TBJ fam! 4 days to go until the biggest event $100,000 Live Play 💣💣💣
Comment from : Genie 888

Frank Ciccarelli
Nice hit Raja ty for everythinh
Comment from : Frank Ciccarelli

Ian E
Great show! 💰
Comment from : Ian E

Derek Anderson
Boom Boom Boom. Love seeing those double triples Hit.
Comment from : Derek Anderson

boom ! nice win
Comment from : J D

Presto Master Station
Comment from : Presto Master Station

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